Bolitics: President Obama Has A Tough Time Rallying Support At NYC Fundraiser

- By Bossip Staff

President Obama definitely faces an uphill battle is his campaign for re-election in 2012.

Although Obama raked in lots of cash last night from a dinner at the Upper East Side restaurant Daniel — where about 70 hedge-funders and other deep pocketed donors forked over $35,800 a head — it was big-time execs turning down the invitation who raised eyebrows.
Both JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon and Citigroup boss Vikram Pandit had made it clear they would not attend the event, which was closed to the press.

Also planning to skip the event were Blackstone Group President Tony James and its top real-estate exec, Jonathan Gray; Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman and its president, Greg Fleming; and Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn.

“I think there are a lot of Wall Street-types who are unhappy,” said a financial exec who has supported Obama in the past.

“Do I think everyone’s going to abandon the president? I’d say no — I’m not going to abandon him — but I get the sense he’s going to get far less support than he did in the past.”

The POTUS is no dummy though, he has enough self-awareness to recognize his own dwindling popularity:

“I know that it’s not going to be exactly the same as when I was young and vibrant and new,” he said. “Let’s face it, it was cool to support me back then [in 2008] . . . Now I’m sort of old news.”

Additionally, Obama’s support amongst the gay community seems to be contingent on him taking a stance on gay marriage.

Even Obama’s first stop, at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, where as many as 600 gays, bisexuals and transgendered people paid at least $1,250 apiece, showcased the gap between the president and his base.

Obama stopped short of calling for same-sex nups — disappointing some of his supporters.

At one point, some hecklers shouted “Marriage!”

To which Obama responded, “I hear you, guys. Believe it or not, I anticipated that.”

He took pains to say he was raised to abhor discrimination.

“I was born that way,” he said, an apparent riff on Lady Gaga’s gay anthem “Born This Way.”

Has your opinion about President Obama changed after these past few years? Do you still plan to support him in the 2012 election??

Caption this picture of our stressed out Commander-In-Chief.

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  • N'Dambi Saleh

    Well he needs to remember why he’s where he is in the first place.He’s revealed himself not very different after all from George Bush (and I have thought this through) except for the swagga and nice talk,attacking an independent country under the pretense of freeing it(Lybia) when in Burma and Sudan they could have used that help first. You’re not fooling anybody anymore

  • gina

    Hail to the Commander-In-Chief of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA 2012! Those folks and shady azz bankers with “titles are not the real billionaires, old money or oil, gold or industry giants that run the country”.

  • gina

    Dang! You international welfare recipients JUST CAN’T SAY THANKS! YA’LL SOME REAL UNGRATEFUL MOFOS! AMERICA GAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS AND YOU STILL CRYING. YOU ARE NOT AMERICAN WE DONT OWE YOU SH!T. EVEN OUR WEFARE RECIPENTS PAY TAXES ON PURCHASES OR SOMEBODY HAD OR HAS A JOB AND PAYS TAXES IN AMERICA. YOU did not pay taxes or fight our wars and YOU GET ALL KINDS FREEBIES AND YOUR STILL CRYING FOR MORE MORE MORE. INTERNATIONAL BEGGARS ARE SO TRIFLING AND DUMB. YOU really need to humping and pushing out those babies you can’t feed or house! Stop fighting create a “untied states” stop oppressing each other and tell your rich YOUR NOT GOING TAKE IT ANYMORE! HOW DARE YOUR BROKE DUMB STUPID AZZ TALK ABOUT MY PRESIDENT!!! Ask your leaders why are they abusing you and being punks….those countries have mega natural resources develop them and actually SHARE the WEALTH!!! What the heck do y’all want America to do! International welfare recipient mentality is crazzy. Yea you got issues ok, but how are you going to talk about about OBAMA WHEN YOUR LEADERS CAN’T WONT OR DONT DO THEIR JOBS? OK! Comparison to Geroge Bush….your begging azz might want to thank him and America for all he did! America does not owe Sudan or Burma anything! That mess y’all do constantly fighting each other….IS NOT OUR FIGHT. HOWEVER IF WE HELP YOU BEAT UP YOUR BROTHER THEN TAKE OVER BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT AND WIll not pay OUT MONEY STFU…OK! YOUR NOT INTERESTED IN DEMOCRACY JUST TRYING TO get America to beat up YOUR BROTHER so you can rule! DUMMY your not fooling anyone and never have! INTERNATIONAL BEGGARS AND COWARDS THAT NEED TO FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES OR DIE TRYING!! STOP TALKING ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT AND DEAL WITH YOUR GOVERNMENT ISSUES! BURMA AND THE SUDAN …..GENERATIONS OF AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL WELFARE RECIPIENTS! Salami!

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  • prettynana43

    Our PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA! Don’t let those hating snakes stress u out! YOU N YOUR FAMiLY stay n my prayers,there is so much hatred around you,N I know its been a rocky bumpy road,U JUS KEEP SHINING N STAY BLESSED! 🙂

  • Bella

    Not at all. He still has my support and vote. How much do people really expect him to change in 4 years?? The just need to be honest with themselves. And he always said it cannot be done in 1 term.
    That’s the problem with us Americans, always want more. Can’t never be satisfied with 80%.

  • MzMula

    Caption: These dumb a$$ MFin switch outs

  • torontostaar

    There really isnt a big contender against the Pres, it seems his biggest challenge is maintaining the support he got in 08, with the people who actually voted for him!

  • Diamond

    Hell yeah I’m supporting the President! He rocks!!! How dare we not support our President. Bush screwed up for 8 years and his people never abandoned him. I’m better off now then I was then but even if I wasn’t I would still support President Obama. He’s the best there is and he’s playing the hand he was dealt.

  • gina

    @ N’ Dummy Silly…..Losers and International welfare recipients you need to scream yell at the top of your voices, chuck spears, take a break from raping and killing each other, feed your own kids, kick your oppressors azz, dig a irrigation ditch, boil your water, slaughter a cow, stop smoking opium, pay for your own meds, stop begging…..make your government officials stop living like royals and at least do like the people of JAPAN PRODUCE A COMMERCIAL THANKS THE PEOPLE OF AMERICAN FOR HELPING UNGRATEFUL INTERNATIONAL NO PRIDE BEGGERS! GET BUSY BOO….stop hating On PRESIDENT OBAMA! HE IS NOT YOUR PRESIDENT…..AMERICA DOES NOT OWE Y’ALL ANYTHING…..DANG IN SUDAN WE INCREASED THE $905 MILLION WITH AN ADDITIONAL $247 MILLION…WTF DO YOU WANT OBAMA’S BLOOD? Why do you all have the same head shapes?? Inbreeding…lol

  • SayItLoudHD

    THeSE SNUBS R BANKSTERS. Just like u have mobsters and gangsters u have banksters, THEY R BANKSTERS!!!!!! They r part of the problem! A big part. They r robbers and been cheating and stealing. They r the ones that help to bring the country to near bankruptcy. They were loan sharks with a herd of predatory lenders that caused the housing market to crash. They r the very rich that dont want to pay their fare share of taxes and want the republicans . . . and some democrats who they have bought and paid to corrupt the democratic system and beckon to their calls, whims and fancies with their greed . The more millions and billions they get the more they want in government subsidies and more tax break and have the government pay for it by slashing/closing much needed programs like WIC, medicare and medicaid that many could die or be destitute without! These people r insane. I HOPE ERIC HOLDER DO HIS JOB AND ARREST/CHARGE/JAIL THEM CULPRITS! Its good President Obama can maintain a sense of humor n sanity.

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