Yeah, We Said It: Why Is Meeka “Greasy Meeky” Claxton Hating On Royce Reed?

- By Bossip Staff

First, lets officially call her “Greasy Meeky”, it just sounds better, right? Now that we’re all on the same page here’s the deal…

Ever since her arrival on “Basketball Wives” Meeka Claxton has been on the job. She’s stirring up drama, looking fabulous and refusing to be bullied by Tami “Pitbull” Roman. Still, some find it odd that she’s waged war against dancer Royce Reed for “crossing the line and dating a player”. In fairness, she’s not the only one who’s said something about dancers being low on the totem pole, Gloria Govan and Evelyn Lozada have also mentioned it. Regardless of who started throwing the shade, it seems ridiculous. Lets keep it 100% — every chick on the show banged to get upgraded. There are no self-made millionaires in the cast. While it’s easy to admit there are often social hierarchies among women, most of the “Basketball Wives” are bona fide get it girls — emphasis on the bone.

Yeah, some of them, like Shaunie O’Neal, had careers before making their big coup, but most worked their vaginal muscles more than their brains. We all know what chicks have to do to get a baller mate (we can’t say hubby, because most aren’t even hitched). They either grew up with the dude or “happened” to be at clubs where players chill. When it’s time to snag an athlete it’s lights, camera, action: short skirts, tight dresses, loose behavior. After all, you have to keep his attention, right? So the question is simple: What makes dancer exempt from hustling for a come up? After all, many romances start in the office.

When It comes to “Greasy Meeky” we can’t totally hate — you know, besides her always trying to throw Royce under the bus. She’s repping the brown girls hard. Unlike many of her other cast members (think Gloria, Suzie, Tami, Royce, and yes, even Shaunie) the girl entered the arena with her glamor dial on fierce. Her weave is always flawlessly whipped and her veneers actually fit in her mouth (sorry Evelyn). Despite her pluses, hating on Royce as the hyenas (Ev and them) circle simply makes her look thirsty. Give it up Meeka. Focus on hydrating (it keeps the sweating at bay), looking good and building your “business” — if we ever get to see that. In case you missed the memo you’re all in the same boat: basketball groupies.

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  • Cook

    hhahahahaaa! I noticed her thirstyness too. So pathetic, hatin jus to fit in. What is this highschool? All the women are catty and have too much time on their hands. Smh o yea, FIRST SNYTCHESZZZZZ! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. DOLL DOMINATION 313

  • Stanley Steamer

    “Messy Meeka” is a better suited name. Just my $0.02.

  • greenNYC

    Yeah she stay hating. Im waiting for tami to beat that a**. All these broads worry about royce having sex. Who cares. Him or her were married.

  • WoW!

    Meeky is soooooo trifling. She is doing her best to be like Evelyn, don’t know why. Lol But, all theses “wives” are a hot-hoe mess. Except my girl Tami!

  • Illy

    Meeks looks like a roach. Tammy checked this bish real good at the event. I just pray that Tammy whoops her azz this season. Meeka really irks my nerves. I wish I could jump into the screen and drag her myself.

  • KNB1

    Meeka needs to stop the madness. Dwight was not married or engaged (as far as I know) so she needs to hop off Royce’s case. They had a relationship while neither was attached which is a lot different than if they were.

  • KKO

    Nahh I like “Motor-Mouth Meeka” she talks WAY TOO much!

  • Naturalbty

    “messy meeka” aint sht, just wanna be seen. — She has self hatred, that why she kiss evelyn arse. She is an official hater.

  • honeybee

    I can’t stand Meeka. She is trying way to hard to fit in with people that don’t really like her. I hate women like that. One good thing is that I heard Tami and Meeka are going to fight in Rome this season. I heard that Tami is gonna whoop that azz. I can’t wait to see that.

  • Nana

    Sidebar…….Evelyn’s teeth has a different relationship with her mouth! Smh

  • beastya

    @Jessekey Tasha really did have to remind melanie of that dark lil factor. I don’t know why they treat Royce like she don’t belong. One thing Get it girls recognize is another Get it girl and Royce is one of the best…check their timelines. How long did it take Ev and Jen to get their men just to loose him?? 10 yrs??? Royce got hers and sealed the deal on an 18 year contract in less time. She’s a pro and that’s why they hate her! They hate her cause she’s clearly the best at what they ALL DO.

  • Shaunie

    I wouldn’t use glamour and Meeka in the same sentence. She’s the only one who is actually a basketball wife and that’s all I’ll give her.

  • adina

    Meeka is evelyn and jen stalker she is such a reject I would feel bad for her but she so 2faced so she gets no sympathy

  • finetuning

    Yeah Messy Meeka just wants to be down soooooooooo damn bad. She reminds me of one of those rich brat kids that wanna be so Hood so bad and will do anything to be down. Wack! Lol

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