Blind Item: A Ho With A Heart

- By Bossip Staff

Okay, so we always hear stories about how dudes love to dog chicks out, but today we have a goodie. According to a very well-placed source there’s a popular entertainer who recently got hitched and is keeping a woman on the side — but not banging her. Apparently, the dude was dating two main chicks at the same time, picked one, but decided to keep his promise to take care of the other.

Each month he sends his ex a cushy stipend to support herself and child — which is not his. He also paid off her condo and plans to help her finish school. There’s only one catch: He doesn’t want wifey to know. She, as most women, would likely put the kibosh on ho fund. Living the champagne life without a job must be grand.

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  • http://google SMH

    Where are men like that? I’m already educated and don’t have any kids but that extra cash sho would come in handy lols.

  • kane

    Kevin Durant

  • gina

    Dude it is what it is in the REAL WORLD! So glad you taking care of the lady and her child….where is baby daddy and what is he doing! The income, house and the
    scholarship is actually really quite admirable of you! I hope she stfu keeps her mouth shut…..dude made a choice. Sounds like he did her better than the male who left her to find a better life and feed from the bottom with his child! Man hoe with a heart 🙂

  • dicè

    Um he’s marries he should not be supporting no ho or jump off even if she has a kid and Is in school. That girls needs to learn to rely on herself and not eff around with a married man.I feel sorry for his wife.

  • Kutta.Mo.Fo.

    From his perspective, it looks noble. From her perspective, it’s a total come-up. From my perspective, it grinds my muthaf.uckin gears how she does nothing and lives the high life all , probably, just because she’s cute or pretty. I’m at work right now workin, trying to keep MY OWN head above water. Bein a hoe is clearly a better gig than bein an average Jane. Damn u Amber Rose & Kim K, look what you’ve aspired women to be!

  • Forreals

    “kibosh”? Could it be Chris Bosh?

  • Mora's momma


  • Mora's momma


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