I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant… Seriously???

- By Bossip Staff

“Takeout Tike” was the first episode that I ever caught of Discovery Health’s I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. The episode told the story of fast-food restaurant manager, Danille who assumed her sick-like symptoms were due to a case of the flu. She ends up giving birth in a bathroom stall of the restaurant later on in the day with the assistance of a 16 year-old co-worker. Strangely, Danille was already the mother of three children. How could she not know? I seriously found it hard to believe that the women who appeared on this show could carry a full pregnancy without the slightest suspicion. Is it denial or a legitimate case of oversight?

Danille’s story is not as uncommon as you may think as evidenced by the many stories that appear on the show. Many women who are regularly sexually active assume that consistent and correct use of a birth control method will guarantee that they will not become pregnant…

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  • Nana

    This is nothing new…..I’ve heard a similar story like this before!

  • Amkebe

    I never comment on here but anyway. I used to think this was a loss of bull until it happened to me. I was on birth control and took it religiously (set my alarm and took same exact time daily), never missed a pill. Found out I was 5& 1/2 months prego when I went to dr. Was still having a period and everything. So now I believe it.

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