Guess Which NBA Baller Is Smashin’ These Tatted Up Cakes To Smithereens???

- By Bossip Staff

This tatted up banger is currently boo’ed up with an NBA player who she shares a lot of common with…namely all that damn ink. Can you guess who her baller boo thang is???

Denver Nuggets Guard J.R. Smith recently tweeted this photo of him and his girl Britanie Girard along with this message:

Aren’t they just the cutest couple? Britanie is 28-years-old and from Inglewood, CA. Check out more photos of her below:

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  • Hi HO!

    She is pretty… Those tatts actually make her stand out in a good way, cute way #nohomo.. But those are too many freaking tatts.. I hope she won’t be needing any “real job” soon because she will not be getting hired. Well, what am I talking about.. All she gotta do is got knock up.. Scoreeeeee! LOL!

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    After looking at those pics, I feel like I need a COMET, PINE SOL , BACTINE, NEOSPORIN bath !

  • Mac

    This is what you call living in the moment. F@%k what you look like 30yrs from now!

  • http://mobile smh

    Wow!!!! Can u imagine how gross she will look at 65 when her skin gets wrinkled and starts to sag……ughhhhhhh!!!!!

  • allyjlee


  • Cosmic Slop

    I bet your tatts not on your face or neck ?

  • Teyana

    Its not called hatin its called being real well hell the way most of yall living u probably wont even make it to old age lol no but seriously all those tatts will not look cute wen u get old. Only reason u disagree is cuz ur in denial lol loserssss btw they r a cute couple.

  • SheFancyHuh

    Umm he’s dating Ashley Smith, from Texas!!! She still have pics up of them and still listed as “in a relationship”?!?! DANG men aint ISH!!!

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