Batman And Robin: Stars’ Most Notorious Right-Hand Men

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The right hand man. The sidekick. The second in command. These are names reserved for the guy that doesn’t get as much attention, but he’s always there to support the number one.

Here are the most memorable guys that played the Robin role.

Gayle – She’s been Oprah’s Robin for years. And like Batman and Robin…people thought there was something, um, extra going on. Gayle’s going to be rich for the rest of her life thanks to her sidekickery.

Charlamagne – He’s the funny man that made Wendy Williams’ show unforgettable. He’s hilarious and always gets in trouble for his sh*t talking.

Fonzworth Bentley – He did sh*t no other back-up guy would do. Bentley would hold the umbrella and hook up Diddy’s bow tie and all of that. That’s dedication.

Drake – For a while, Drake was just that guy that used to be on “Degrassi” and talk about how much he loved Weezy. Now Drizzy is in the spotlight and is a to dawg in his own right.

Snoop – Back in the almighty days of The Chronic, Snoop was the quiet guy that rapped his a$$ off and made Dre’s beats sound even doper. And he’s done quite well for himself since then…

Proof – When Eminem was ripping the stage apart in his younger days, his best friend Proof was right there with him as the hype man. R.I.P. to one of the coolest guys in the game. Em hasn’t been the same since he lost Proof, too.

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    Scottie Pippen – He was right by Jordan’s side while MJ was cranking out MVPs and championships. He could have gone to a different team and gotten his fame, but he stuck with Jordan. That was until he went crazy and started riding LeBron’s jock.

    Diddy – There was a time when Diddy was just Puff Daddy; the guy that did Biggie’s adlibs and danced around on stage. Then we lost B.I.G. and Diddy took over. #BringBiggieBack

    Kobe – He wanted to be the main guy, and even though he and Shaq won three championships, Kobe was a sh*tty sidekick. He wanted to be the man, but that didn’t stop Kobe from being Robin for a few years.

    Memphis Bleek – He’s been Jigga’s right-hand man since day one. While his rap career has been nominally successful at best, he’ll never go broke thanks to his Jay loyalty.

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    • Teyana

      Thats because kobe is a leo like meeee & we dont play second to nobody. Either we`re in front of u or beside u but never in back of u lol #melovekobeee

    • Nymp

      Drakes a cornball. He’s more of a court jester than a sidekick. Bleek has been a stand up dude through it all and when dame and them fell to the side bleek was always good in jay eyes.

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