Sextra: Who Loves Some Cancer Lovin’?

- By Bossip Staff

Good day, Bossip fam! How is everyone? A lil’ sensitive? A lil emotional? Feelin’ like it’s you against the world and no one understands? Well, welcome to the Cancer vibes that have engulfed the universe! If anyone has ever really loved a being that was born under this astral sign, then one can attest to the vast amount of patience and understanding that is absolutely necessary to sustain an agreeable equilibrium. The symbol that represents this sign is perhaps the most fitting … of all animals the crab is quite the perfect example of these guys. Just like the off-putting, scary looking crustacean, the rock hard, resistant outer shell is what they reveal to the world but you have to, literally, capture one (without being snipped) before you can actually get to the soft, meaty center that is deliciously sweet! Kind of makes you wonder who was brave enough to crack the shell of such a dangerous creature only to discover such an appetizing delicacy – quite a brave soul. And bravery is indeed what you will need to take on this personality of extreme dynamics. They are known for being moody people but that’s mainly because they live by their feelings and surrender themselves to all moments. They’re very smart and logical beings but with every move they make, they’re emotionally invested. Robots, they’re not! They love love, are true romantics at heart and will scoop any fleeting heart into their hands and have their way with it with minimal effort. Despite their frequent mood swings, they are some of the most loyal people you will ever know – placing others’ needs before their own when any of their loved ones are in need of assistance. This is often considered a downfall to them because when their chips are down, they often feel as though no one delivers with the same kind of urgency. This is a hard lesson for the crab, as they will learn this lesson more than once in terms of the caliber of people in which they invest their time and energy. If the Crab is burned too many times, they will forever be apprehensive of sharing their love. When this happens, Cancers have a tendency to grow into control beasts and are reluctant compromise. They develop a sense of superiority and move by the philosophy of – there’s two ways to do things, the right way and my way and both ways are the same. Ugh!

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  • missy

    This is so true! Happy bday meeee!

  • CeCe

    I’ve been married to a cancer for 9yrs! It will be 10 september 8th! Love every piece of that man! They pretty much have it right on the money about cancers! I’m a Sagittarius and we definitely balance each other out! I’m outgoing he’s more to himself and a homebody! He can be moody but I can handle it! He always put me and our son first! All I can say is I dated a lot of zodiacs but nothing in my opinion compares to a male cancers! If I was single again I’ll definitely will date one in a heart beat!

  • Kinishra22

    Right on the dot with me lol I love being a cancer but it is hard finding a man lol

  • Queenvirgo

    cancer men can make great family men n $$$$makers but their lying ways n insecurities r a huge turn off. Better as a friend than in a relationship

  • Amani

    I’ve been wit a Cancer for 4yrs and they are the worst. I thought he was perfect in every way, but I was soo wrong. He’s a cheater, liar, manipulator, and uses any female who comes his way

  • nesha

    Yes Amani u r soo true!! Cancers isn’t no bit of “Real”….

  • shamekabrown


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