Question Of The Day: Can Men & Women Be Friends After Having Sex?

- By Bossip Staff

Yes, we suffered through another painful episode of Stacey Dash and Lisa Raye’s “acting.” Part of the plot from last night’s episode of “Single Ladies” focused on Keisha and Malcolm’s attempt to be friends — a decision they made after weeks of struggling where they stood relationship-wise.

Of course the “friends” business was quickly shattered to pieces when Malcolm spotted “all that a*s” walk into his crib. He pulled Keisha to the side and asked her to meet him in the bathroom, where we can only assume he got to splacking…

After the get down got done, Keisha assumed the “just friends” business was out the window, but Malcolm wasn’t on the same page. Leading us to the question. Can men and women be friends after having sex???

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  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    YES !
    I may not be Mr Right but sometimes the athletic professional ladies I like are only looking for Mr RightNOW !

  • my male

    We had chemistry … we took it there ONCE…ok…..he was horrible…lol….we are best friends…now. Occasionally he will say remember the time :-). I am like humm and never again!

  • The Last Don

    That word “friend” can have many meaning. It’s kin to boo, booty call, cut buddy, jump-off, and a bunch of other terms. Identifying what you are will determine where the relationship goes. True friendship will have boundaries. It’s never the same once you cross that line.

  • Yes!

    Love Lisa Raye! Love the show

  • SOSO

    amen @ we can’t be friends i agree 100 precent

  • smh

    Trey songz- We can’t be friends R.T.

  • team nymphis

    we don’t have to be friends after sex.especially after a one night session.

  • gina

    Ok, but can we be F**k buddies 🙂

  • Koko

    @gina u always have something stupid n negative to say u r a worthless low self esteem bit$$ nothing comes out of ur mouth but trash go eat a big di$$

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