Fat And Black: The Issue Is Not That Complicated

- By Bossip Staff

I’m not fat and, despite stereotypes, there are plenty of slim, slender and fit black women in this country. Why? Contrary to the big-boned theory, blackness is not predestination for bigness. Almost 4 out of 5 African-American women are obese and it boils down to three reasons: denial, poor eating habits and inactivity.

So, when it comes to beating obesity, the issue is really not that complicated. (Continue reading…

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  • Whatssup with Dat??

    Ok now let’s talk about all these big fat azz, triple chin, fat back, no neck, 8 months looking preggers black men…WTF is up with that!!

    They must be eating up all the food stamps and WIC rations from the children. My friends’s daughter is fat fat and her latest dude is fatfatfat. She gets foodstamps for herself and son. Around the 25 of every month she calls her father and said she ran out food! Finally her father said I will bring you $20 and some food but I ain’t feeding that big fat MOFO..lol

  • Whatssup with Dat??

    WTF…is up with all this fat azz triple neck fat back 9 months preggers looking black men! Let talk about that mess!

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