SMH: Fanny “He Said He Was Separated” Barrino Sweats, Smiles And Shows Off Her Gut Full Of Antwaun Cook Onstage In Barbados

- By Bossip Staff

Ain’t no hiding that gut full Fanny! Fantasia Barrino gave a concert in Barbados Saturday night pretty much confirming rumours that she’s pregnant with her boyfriend Antwaun Cook’s baby.

The singer hit the Wildey Gymnasium stage sportin’ this big black bejewelled muumuu. So much for that “friends” business they was talking on “Fantasia For Real.” Fanny and ‘Twaun have been spotted on the beach in Barbados since her concert. Somebody done tore a whole page out of Alicia Keys’ repertoire. Is his divorce final yet?


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  • MsDELIA_baybee

    Yall leave fanny alone nobody ever wants to talk about or bash other celebs trifling ways so why bash her. Anywho follow me @cardeliaLORAiNE

  • the Audacity

    Ok his divorce isn’t finalized, but he is separated… Ppl didn’t bash Alicia Keys, everyone thought it was cute etc etc.. And her and Swiss Beats screwed around for years, leave Fantasia alone. Let her be happy.

  • http://. msladybabydoll

    leave fantasia alone! Let her live her life! Geesh

  • daahlingnikki

    Don’t know if the preggo rumors are true but she’s gaining weight to play Mahalia Jackson…

  • Teyana

    She knew he was married all along…

  • Teyana

    Becuz shes pregnant & he is not divorced. Karmaaaaaaaaa

  • prissa

    Why does she have on a life preserver, goggles and a headscarf in knee deep water? She dressed like she goin deep sea diving! I can’t swim & I wear contacts but I don’t put all that $hit on @ the beach. She’s being so EXTRA!

  • Fly Gurl

    That was hilarious and true!

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