Swirling With Another Minority Ain’t As Easy As It Sounds

- By Bossip Staff

On its face, it seems like interracial dating and mating with another minority–Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern–would seem a bit easier than hooking up with a WASP-y white guy, right? It seems to be easier. After all, you’re closer to matching in the melanin department, and as mutual minorities, it seems like you could have this “We’re all in this together! Us against The Man!” attitude. Well,turns out it’s just not that simple.

Aside from the superficial “skin issue,” you often take on a culture that might be completely foreign to you as a Westernized woman born and raised in the USA. And sadly, other minorities suffer from the same internal conflicts of colorism and bigotry that we do.

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  • team nymphis

    I once kicked it with this Indian girl and her father told me it would be too hard for a Dominican and a Indian to have kids. I was like ” kids,I’m just hIttin this over the summer”

  • bouyant

    Lol@nymphis, I am in a interracial relationship,he is white and nothing is hard or strange with it, am his queen he my king.

  • Shortcake

    I guess it depends on the situation. I am a black american female, my husband is Italian but he has been in the States since he was 12 so he is very Americanized and we don’t have any problems at all.

  • team nymphis


    You sound like you only fck wit yt meat.
    So that’s makes you a self hatin backwards over the shoulder stanq bich

    Have a great day

  • homicidalbrainiac

    Lol @ nymphis….thank you, Tierra and buoyant. I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend (white guy) for seven years and we’ve never once had a race based issue. We’re just two people who are really in to each other. Some white lady once asked if during fights my S.O ever called me the ‘n-word’! I was like ‘ he usually saves that for the bedroom’ just to throw her off for asking such a ridiculous question.

  • Live, love, learn

    Interracial dating isnt as hard as it seems. Ive actually had some nice dates with white and latino men. Like any man there are things to look out for. If a man continously discusses race then I cannot commit to him regardless of his race or ethnicity.

  • http://google LOVED


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