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All this nonsense thuggery has got to stop. People are really out of control!

A Brooklyn subway clerk thought she was staring death in the face Wednesday when two bandanna-wearing bandits tried to torch her booth during a robbery.

“I was scared for my life,” the clerk told the Daily News. “I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through and see my family again.”

Two young men with kerchiefs over their faces came up to the booth at the Prospect Park station on the Q line shortly after 5 a.m., she said. One had a bottle of flammable liquid.

“They demanded I open the door,” the clerk said, her voice trembling. “They threatened me with gasoline, which they squirted through the opening in the booth. They lit it on fire.”

The 39-year-old mother of four grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed the opening in the partition, preventing the fire from spreading to the inside.

Flames were still “streaming up the glass” outside the booth when she passed the extinguisher to a straphanger, who put out the blaze as the assailants fled.

The clerk said she never contemplated opening the door.

“I was afraid what they might do if they did get in,” she said. “I don’t know if they had guns or if they would hurt me even if they did get the money.”

She was treated at New York Methodist Hospital after inhaling smoke and gasoline fumes.

“I’m just glad I made it through this ordeal,” she said. “It could have gone another way.”

Maurice Jenkins, a vice president of Transport Workers Union Local 100, said the attack shows more police patrols and clerks are needed.

Before yesterday, there had not been any robbery attempts or arsons on booths, the NYPD said. Some union officials still fear there could be copycat attacks like the ones that followed the 1995 booth-torching that killed clerk Harry Kaufman.

Booths have fire-suppression systems automatically triggered by smoke and heat, but Kaufman’s was disabled.

Good thing this lady didn’t panic and was able to put the fire out. But what we want to know is, did they catch these clowns or are they still running the streets terrorizing folks with jobs?



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