Bolitics: Crotchety Herman Cain Gets Frustrated Because He Couldn’t Answer Specific Questions

- By Bossip Staff

Herman Cain is running for president, right? Obviously, interviews are all a part of the process when you’re a nomination hopeful AND a newcomer! In an interview with Eliot Spitzer, Cain got all hot and bothered when he was asked what he would do specifically to create job and eliminate the deficit. He didn’t have the answers and instead of saying, “I don’t know” he said, “I’ll make a deal with you. Next time I come, I’ll have a specific one [policy change] for you.”

Depending on one’s view of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, either Eliot Spitzer did a public service last night or committed another example of that often mentioned “mainstream liberal bias.” In his interview with Cain last night, Spitzer demanded specific answers from Cain on a bunch of issues, to which Cain uncomfortably and frequently responded “I am not going to let you pin me down on a specific.”

Spitzer’s request for specific regulations stifling innovation, specific deficit numbers, and specific percentages of the budget may have seemed like an unfair “gotcha” quiz to some, yet Cain’s non-answers on most questions may have established that Cain’s knowledge of certain issues is not as deep as Republican primary voters would hope. Spitzer concluded:

“Generalities don’t solve problems, saying you want to get rid of excess regulations sounds good but it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t tell me which one Herman. So tell me which one?”
Cain, to his credit, kept his cool and promised, “I’ll make a deal with you. The next time I come, I will have a specific one for you.” Spitzer responded at the end of the interview that he looks forward to Cain returning with many specific answers. And even though Cain might lack on-the-spot knowledge of certain facts, Cain proved how the strength of his personality might carry him through regardless, as he got the last word and joked “I hope you have the right questions next time!”

C’mahn, Herman! For starters, you can’t lose your cool with the press like you do and you should always have specific answers about how you plan to fix the most important talking points of this election! Sheesh … the GOP might as well just hand Obama the election win next year.


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  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    the right question may have been . . . as CEO . . . ” when was the last time anyone ever had a Godfathers pizza” ?

  • Steelcitychick

    @ I aint mad at ya…Right!…this fool is making a complete azz of himself…I almost feel sorry for him….almost!

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