ChitChatter: Raven-Symoné Reveals How She Lost 70 Lbs. And Is Glad She Doesn’t Have To Wear A Girdle Anymore

- By Bossip Staff

Slimmy-Trimmy Raven-Symoné reveals how she lost 70 lbs:

Former child star Raven-Symone insists she’s always been comfortable in her own skin, but after losing 70lbs, she’s certainly more comfortable in her own clothes. ‘It’s great to put on clothes and not wear a girdle,’ says the actress. ‘People say, “You look so pretty!” But I was pretty before,’ she tells People magazine in a new interview. ‘It messes with your head a little bit.’

‘I could look in the mirror and see me at 200lbs or 135lbs and I’m still the same person.’ The star decided to focus on her health and well being after taking a break from the spotlight in 2007. She began working out at least four times a week, with her sessions including 30-minutes on the elliptical machine. She also overhauled her eating habits, and now favours oatmeal and apple slices with almond butter for breakfast and salmon and steamed asparagus for dinner.

While her body has transformed, her message to fans remains the same. ‘Whether or not I’m this size, I always preached, “Be comfortable with your self,” and I will preach that forever.’

Good for Raven, she looks great!


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  • Ktradez

    RITE! Whatever she wants to tell herself! Coughs (horsesh*t) lapband!!!

  • The dealer

    Crack is a hella of drug.


    […] in her own clothes. ‘It’s great to put on clothes and not wear a girdle,’ says the actress. ‘People say, “You look so pretty!” But I was pretty before,’ she tells People magazine in […]

  • Thatbkchick

    Her and JHud need to stop it! The both of them lost the weight to quickly! They both most likely had lapband and smart liposuction……SMDH! Either way the father will show up quicker than they lost.if.they truly dont stay healthy and fit.

  • AveryH

    Raven started losing weight in 2007, how is that to quickly? With proper diet and exercise it’s not hard to lose that amount of weight within a year. We forget celebrities have personal trainers and chef’s to help them along the way. The most important thing is she is comfortable with who she is!

  • nursedred

    That’s really messed up to say that there’s no way she lost that weight naturally. When I had my first child I gained 80 pounds. I weighed 200 lbs when I left the hospital and I’m only 5’2. I went on a diet and exercised 5 days a week and got down to 130 lbs in 18 months. It’s not easy but it can be done with no drugs and no surgery. And 6 years later I’ve kept the weight off

  • lanaoneluv

    Raven looks great! I’m so proud of her. She’s right she was always pretty but I always thought she was too young to be that big. She has so much style and swag. Now atleast her style can be seen instead of her size in the style.. Surgery or not being smaller is healthier and now she can enjoy herself w/ having one less thing to not be self conscious about… Luv u Raven always have..I think you belong on Broadway..

  • Danyale

    @shia u must be fat
    .and cant loose your pounds….i cant stomach a hater ughhh!

  • DC

    Dang stop hating!

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