SMH… Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Will Display A Ridiculous Amount Of Excessiveness — Including An All White Fleet Of White Phantoms And Maybachs

- By Bossip Staff

Good thing Kimmy Cakes traded in Reggie Bush for Casper cuz it’s looking like it’ll be an all-white errythang wedding for her and her ITCHBAY Kris. Right down to the baller whips she’s getting to chauffeur her family to the big event.

According to TMZ reports:

Kim Kardashian will have an entire FLEET of ultra-expensive cars shuttling VIP guests to her upcoming wedding … and the entire armada will be made up of Rolls Royce Phantoms and Maybachs.

Sources close to Kim tell us … Kardashian worked out a deal with Platinum Motorsports in L.A. … which will provide enough vehicles to transport Kim’s entire family AND Kris Humphries’ entire family.

And get this — Kim is color coordinating the cars to match the rest of the wedding … and has specified that she only wants white vehicles. We’re told Platinum Motorsports has told her it’s not a problem.

Of course, the entire party won’t be driving themselves — we’re told each car comes with its very own chauffeur.

SMH… Nothing this broad surprises us, but knowing how she operates these big money wheels may be completely free considering the whole shebang is probably being televised.

It wouldn’t be out of character for cameras to be up her cooch when she finally pops out a lil Humphries…

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  • guest

    Kris Humphries’ is from a mixed background. His father is african-american. Derrick Humphries is Kris’ uncle, is a well known black attorney in D.C. This site is so ignorant. The people providing the cars are Platinum Motors, where Kim, Reggie, Rob and Khloe take their cars to be serviced.

  • a mess

    @ guest, are you related to kim? Hop off her bra strap. This article is stating the truth. She is an attention hore whose on her last minute of fame. Going out with a bang.

  • lol

    Ummmmm you do know that negative attention is attention non the less?

  • Suge.!

    Ctfu At A Mess.!!!

  • MaMatheregoesthatman!!

    I love me some kimmy but stop the maddness already!!!

  • lyssyn

    You know we here how excited everyone is, but no one is saying anything about LOVE, BLESSINGS, or HAPPINESS. $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • probably not

    This chick is soooooooo lame

  • Liss

    This weddings going to be so over the top it’s just going to be just plain tacky! But good for her I guess…..

  • gina

    Kimmy you and JLo deserve a special of award y’all showed to baby daddy kinda niccas y’all ain’t baby mamas. The both went out got mega engagement rings, your own mulit-million $$ contracts….and your “own” husbands. SISTA GURLS YA’LL NEED TO BREAK THE BABY MAMA CYCLE! ONE UNDERSTANE….TWO TIMES BABY MAMA….FOUL!

  • Jesse

    You and any other dumb@ss who thinks it’s good to spend a million on a wedding “because it’s a special day” needs to wake the F up. Get your head out of the clouds. Do you have any clue what a million dollars could do for your life?
    You’d waste it on stupidity either way, so yeah go ahead with the wedding.

  • gina

    Marriage is NOT easy…..have the biggest event you can afford. Y’all stop all that hating… baby mamas can’t even get baby daddies to marry them after 5 babies. What y’all females going do when your baby daddy takes a trip to NEW YOUR with Twan and get they married??

    I had a client who ” lived” with a man 25 years…till the day he died. They had 3 grown children. He worked for GM, had a phat pension and a social security benefits $2,300 monthly. He died last year… mama unmarried live in common law wife WILL

  • gina

    If you got it spend it! Really, pay taxes on everything you buy…..the government will use the money support and provide for food education and shelter for baby mama kids and international welfare recipients …..Tell them beggers to wake up! Your the that need to wake the F up! SAVE AND GIVE AWAY YOUR MONEY….yes we know you broke and come from broke

  • 347

    It’s their f**king money they can do what they want. Yeah we know what that money can do for us… (keywords) it’s THEIR MONEY !!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse


    So this chick says marriage is not easy (implying that you will probably divorce)…
    Why in the he’ll would you spend a lot on it?
    You are stupid.

  • Nay

    Her a** should be wearing black! Color coordinate that!

  • Nay

    Her azz should be wearing black! Color coordinate that!

  • cockslanga

    Overcompensating bc everyone will laugh at HER wearing a white dress

  • The Ninja Kitty

    Haha i dont think she knows shes not suppose to wear a white dress… Hehehehe ^^

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