Bossip Exclusive: Chad Ochocinco And Evelyn Lozada – Are They Or Are They NOT Together?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Last week there was a rumor going around the net that Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada decided to go their separate ways all because —- Evelyn was seen not wearing her ring at the party in New Jersey and that Chad was breaking some chick’n off…

But it seems the rumors were false, because last night in Atlanta…. Bossip spotted Chad and Evelyn getting it in at the Gold Room at Laz Alonso’s party.

The two seemed to be enjoying each other and even posed for the camera for a quick photo opp. When asked about why she wasn’t rocking the ring at the party in New Jersey, Evelyn responded by saying “What’s the big deal?” Obviously a ring is a symbol of two people’s commitment but it doesn’t mean that things are a wrap.

Now Run Tell That Homeboy!

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  • Missy

    I know it won’t last because it is definitely NOT real….Lust always fades.

  • RN Student

    Great…now they can both get a job…fake romance for headlines.

  • Riri

    WTH…can we have some real news please !

  • Videovixen

    That’s a lie! They was just at the race track together the other day. He was driving a racing car and she was there also

  • gina

    She is wayyyy to smart be a baby again! Gurl pimp that ride!

  • Bibby

    I’m with everyone else, who cares. Chad amd Evelyn can kick rocks. Hopefully they can work together and get her peeps out the projects.

  • maru-chan

    Chadillac is fine as hell.

    Just wanted to put that one out there if it wasn’t obvious lol

  • Rodman

    She is just NOT attractive at all to me.

  • D

    They were up in Onyx last nite too..

  • Jus me

    Movin rite along!!!!!

  • call cps

    1 doesn’t she have a daughter? Why is she out all hours of the night partying?
    2 she blames her father for being a non factor in her life but s she teaching her child? Sleepng with wealthy men is the way to go?

  • lionessbug

    omg y all this ish ppl just can’t b happy no more,Eveyln u go u got urself a goodone go on girl n do u like ya doin ppl use to love ya when u was single now u got a man n ppl stay on bs….but n e way on a better note they look damn good 2gether period.

  • sayitaintso

    haha@lionessbug, u must be Evelyn!

  • Got that right

    @ call cps, wtf? Her daughter is like 18 years old!! That’s grown. Driving, voting, etc. Wtf?

  • Betteratit

    I hope it works out. She is pretty and he is fun. Goodluck!!

  • http://TheyGood, BlackSugarCane

    To All You Hated & Don’t have excitement in your Life Like Chad & Everyln …You’ll type of People is,” None Muth%er F#ckin Factors ” & ” Child Please “….! I wish them the Best In their Relationship & Careers….Peace

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