Vick Trying To Get Out Early

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Posted by Bossip Staff

They are trying to pile up more dogsh*t for Michael Vick, but hopefully, “The Man” will let him go:

Suspended NFL player Michael Vick is expected to enter a guilty plea next week to the state dogfighting charges he faces in Virginia. Surry County Circuit Court administrator Sally Neblett says a hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 30 on a motion to hear a videotaped plea from the jailed Atlanta Falcons quarterback. The Virginian-Pilot reported that Vick hopes his guilty plea to the state charges will earn him an early release from federal prison based on documents filed in Surry County Circuit Court. Vick is currently serving a 23-month sentence on felony charges related to dogfighting.

The egotistical and delusional people involved in this now are strictly trying to get a name. People have molested children and have not went through as much sh*t as this.

For the full report go to Livesteez.

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  • sepia830



    I hered that he created a blog on ^^^^C a S u a l S e e k .c o m ^^^ and he has many videos on his blog. One of these video is very hot because on this video he kissed a beautiful girl.

  • as seen on t.v.(my gravie went to Harvard with our next president)

    Free Michael Vick t-shirts will be available at a store near you…..

  • statim08

    Vick brought himself down on this. Serve the full term and then see if a team will let him try out as a backup. That’s the best he can hope for.

  • Chi-Town

    They will set you free Vick, they got O.J. @zz!

  • Al-Anon

    Granted Michal was wrong, but he is serving as the proverbial “example” for every young black man in this country. They want Michael Vick to know to know that if they make you, then they can break you.

  • ♥golden goddess♥

    free Micheal Vick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    That picture is funnier than Rihanna’s singing voice


    ^5 @ Sawyer 😉

  • lisalisa

    that puppy is cuter than him

  • arica

    You’re right, people have done worse and not went through this much…but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t. My father was murdered and the killer only served 9 months – which is disturbing but it doesn’t make me think Vick should have any less. The system is a joke.


    FREE MICHAEL VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tg

    I think all he’s been through – he will be everybody’s dog’s best friend these days. I love animals, but I feel they screwed him royally. People hunt and kill animals everyday for sport – so are they any better than him? Sarah Palin shoots defenseless Moose’s for FUN, but that’s not stopping her from fulfilling her dream of possibly becoming VP of the US. I’m so sick of the double standards we live in this country btw black and white people. Some people justify EVERYTHING they do and if it’s wrong – they just CHANGE the law to make it right. Look at Bloomberg running for a third term despite what people want – perfect example.

  • The Bear

    It is just unbelievable that he got such a harsh sentence. I’m disgusted by this waste of public resources and a young black man’s life…

    How is dog fighting illegal but human fighting isn’t. Vick gets locked up while CBS legally pays Kimbo Slice to bash people’s heads in/(get his head bashed in) on TV. Why? Why? Why People!!!!????

    The hipocracy in our culture just enrages me!!!!!

  • The Bear

    Whewwwww!!!!! Felt good getting that out…

    I’m ok now…

  • The Bear

    I don’t even cuss but this really really makes me mad.

  • Creole Baby Hotta Than Ya Mama Grits

    f this — umma go shoot some moose

  • Bird

    Only in America can people do more time for animal cruelty than manslaughter, rape, robbery, etc. This is a witch hunt.

  • Eden's Garden

    The animal shelter in my neighborhood gasses 20 dogs/cats a week because they have no room. What law protects their right to kill useless animals and how are they protected from prosecution?

  • Ms T

    I agree this whole thing is bull to me. I have thought that from the very beginning.

  • The Bear

    Its ok to be cruel to humans just don’t harm any animals… And we sit aside and watch silently while they lynch Mike Vick. That’s right I said it!!!! This is a modern day lynching in my opinion. We’re a nation of dumb-asses.

    Who the hell can define animal cruelty in a world where we slaughter millions of them daily to make burgers and sausages???

  • Cass

    I hope he rots in there and never gets to see the light of day. So sorry that nobody can see how wrong and disgusting he is. These are living creatures and he tortured them. What is wrong with you!!!!

  • The Bear

    @ Cass






    You stupid, ignorant, hipocritical motherpphucker. If you have ever eaten meat then you are just as guilty of animal cruelty as Mike Vick!!!!! What’s wrong with YOU?????!!!!!

  • For Real

    What’s really sad is that every time a black person gets prosecuted for a crime, everyone wants to holler out racism. It’s not RACISM OR AN UNFAIR JUDICIAL SYSTEM EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! That is B.S. This man committed a horrific crime against harmless animals and dogfighting is ILLEGAL so getting on here comparing crimes is silly to me. If you can’t serve the time then don’t commit the crime. Not only did he and others force the dogs to fight til the death, they had rape stands to force them to breed, they ripped out the teeth of the females so that they can’t fight off the males that were “raping” them, they electrocuted them, beat them, etc. There is no way in hell I will ever think that this is ok and it’s a shame that some of you on here feel that it’s ok. He needs to sit and there and if he’s an example of what NOT to do then so be it. And I’m a Black woman so don’t come at me stupid about some racist mess. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Deal with it.

  • The Bear

    @ Cass

    Now you got me cussin again… and I never do that.

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