Pay Like You Weigh: Maria Shriver Set To Divorce The Sperminator, Could Be Biggest Divorce Settlement In History!

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Man, some lucky a** lawyer is about to hit the JACKPOT with this one!

Maria Shriver wants to terminate her marriage with cheating hubby Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shriver filed for divorce today setting the stage for what could be one of the costliest celebrity break-ups in history.

Shriver cites “irreconcilable differences” as her reason for ending the 25-year marriage, reported.

The petition was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by prominent attorney Laura Wasser, whom Shriver hired in May when Schwarzenegger went public with the news he had fathered a child with a former household staff member.

Sources told TMZ the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement, so assets would be divided evenly since California is a community property state. The power couple’s net worth has been assessed at between $200 million and $400 million.

This thing is about to be a “make it rain” dance of epic proportions.

Shriver, 55, is seeking joint custody of the couple’s two children who are minors, Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 13. She and Schwarzenegger, 63, also have two older daughters, Katherine, 21, and Christina, 19.

Shriver has asked for spousal support from the former California governor and requested he pay her attorneys’ fees.

Some of the couple’s property would be considered separate, including jewelry and personal effects, along with earnings accumulated by Shriver after their separation, and other separate assets that were not determined.

“We want pre-nup, we want pre-nup, YEAAAAAAH!”-Kanye West


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  • ca$his

    We all know he hasn’t been the least bit faithful to her. Was she faithful to him? Who knows? But at least she didn’t have a child with anyone else. She’s earned the right to dig in his pockets

  • Me

    Well I guess him and the mistress can be a family. Get that money Maria because that was just wrong to be sleeping with that woman and having them around all these years knowing he cheated.

  • ladyscholar

    It’s one thing to cheat on your wife. But to have had that woman up in your wife’s face smiling, cooking , and cleaning for years and the love child coming to the house taking pictures with your wife and children on Christmas… Talk about insult to injury. I see why people snap. Hopefully, this divorce is final immediately.

  • Gina

    Silly old man and what’s left of his weiner still out trying to horndog! Bragging to his friends he does see what she is so upset about! Dude in next 6 months it will hit you like a ton of breaks that you have lost your REAL family!

  • *MrsTrevino*

    I agree 100% lady! He*s lucky that she*s not asking for child support for the 13 year old. What*s done in the dark will come to the light. I hope she takes his a$$ to the cleaners! What got me was they were pregnant at the same time AND the maids son looks more like him than marias son! And her hubby wants to say that he though the baby was his! He*s a muthafuc*ing lie! That boy is white as snow and both parents are of latin desent! I think arnold was paying him hush money too!

  • Pay Like You Weigh: Maria Shriver Set To Divorce The Sperminator, Could Be Biggest Divorce Settlement In History! - Vibez411 | Vibez411

    […] filed for divorce today setting the stage for what could be one of the costliest celebritybreak-ups in […]

  • Huey's Neice

    Juanita Jordan got waaaay more than that!

  • nikkislim

    She deserves everything she gets out of him. He laid up with that fugly azz female and had a baby with her, had the child all up in Maria’s face! Take him for everything he got!!!! Marie should go get a new younger man.

  • noble

    The thing is this wasn’t a new development in their marriage, Unlike John Edwards/Elizabeth Edwards/Rielle Hunter/baby, all this happened 14 years ago. So to live half your marriage yet have all this go on — and in your home, no less — and not know a thing about it is the real hurt piece.

  • Gina

    Say want you want but you and that bish up in my face, in my home, with my children and stabbing me in the heart….y’all might want dot all your “I”s cross all your “T”….and it still wont be enough ..ok! Deport that Hoe….Maria! Call “O”! We ain’t threw!

  • Leroy

    Pre-nups only protects money u made PreNuptials Aka before marriage since the majority of his money was made within the 25 year marriage it wouldn’t make a difference.

  • Danyale

    Damn he been cheating on her the whole marriage he has a 21 and 19 year old and they been married 25 she should have been left!

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