When Pigs Fly: Breezy Says He’d Love To Work With _________

- By Bossip Staff

One of these peeps is not like the other — well there is the whole blonde dancing machine thing — but this seems like a lofty goal. Breezy took to Twitter yesterday for a lil wishful thinking about who he’d like to collaborate with.

Now we know a whole slew of artists have forgiven Breezy for “the incident.” And even Rihanna seems to have turned a new leaf, if Twitter is any indication. But would BRAND BEYONCE come anywhere close to Chris after all the antics he’s pulled. Would hubby Hov be okay with it?

Even in these old photos, Beyonce looks more like she’s taking shots with a fan — not another artist she’s comfortable working with. We all know there is a big difference between what Keri Hilson would do and what BeyBey is down with.

Is it just us or does Breezy need a reality check?

Check out what else Chris has been up to on Twitter:

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  • Miss tahbee

    He probably will. Beyonce looked amazing with the darker hair.

  • LaShayeShante'

    That would be a great collabo, if she is really about her money she would get on it. Lets be real Brezzy is one of those male artits on top of the game right now. Love it or hate it.

  • http://1mandu@webmail.co.za Onesimo

    Sure, why not? Myekeni lomjita enze into yakhe. Nithi makathini?

  • ms kaye

    If she was smart she would… hell even let him write the song it would be crazy….

  • dj_Nuje

    That would be amazing.Breezy has got talent, also bey bey.

  • WunMsJay

    Her body language is not that of a celeb taking a pic with a fan; but rather it looks as if she is attracted to Chris, and it makes her uncomfortable. That animalistic attraction would make someone like her that tries so hard to be poised and marketable at all times WAY uncomfortable…

  • meme

    It would be a good look if They did that but I don’t see it happening. Not because of her but because Jay Z probably still isn’t over the incident and he wouldn’t allow it.

  • Shug

    That would definitely be an awesome collab!!! And if JayZ is not over that by now, Beyonce should be checking into that because his wife/mom/sister should be the only woman worth holding a grudge THAT long!

  • Bey-Cause

    This Would Be a Great Move For Bey, Becuz Her Album is GarBage…

  • The Ninja Kitty

    Eh…. Idc

  • jenay c.

    YESSSS!!!!! I would LOVE to see those two collab BUT…. Jigga J ain’t having it… Lol

  • Linda

    Bey should count herself lucky Breezy is interested even though she is talented,she needs Breezy to save the day cos her album is wack.

  • P.bee

    If anything he needs beyonce she arleady plat n brazil n he still tryna be Gold in the U.S bet she goes gold her first week then u breezy stans can say who needs who

  • Shanice

    Chris can’t keep up with Beyonce vocally so the collab is out of the question. She only works with other strong vocalists. Gaga, Usher, Luther, Stevie, Justin Timberlake. She doesn’t just work with anybody. Chris’s voice wouldn’t pair off well with Beyonce’s strong vocals. Not even when she was in Destiny’s Child. And then saying it via twitter means it’s not meant to be taken seriously

  • Cadence

    @Shanice… strong vocalist and you put GaGa in that category ? It’s not about vocals or really about who’s more talented, its about what people want and willing to pay for… You must be a Chris Brown hater? I mean he’s 21, give him time to grow…

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