Coupled Up: Tyra Banks Out In Mexico Flossin’ Her Bikini Body, Backs, And Baller Banker Boo John Utendahl

- By Bossip Staff

Tyra Banks and her longtime boyfriend, John Utendahl, were spotted hot tubbing it up on a lil lovers vacay in Mexico this weekend.

Peep the pics and let us know if you think Ty Ty is still bangin…

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  • Blackskin

    she still looks the same !!!

  • Moneyhungry

    She looks pretty good!

  • black & mild

    I just love me some Tyra Banks

  • Fred

    Id still give her a racing stripe down her back.

  • LexiiD

    She doesn’t look like that victoria secret model anymore but whatever she’s not out of shape or anything.

  • 1776 was when this slave country USA became independent

    Lovely Tyrais simply living her life and living it large according to her. Good look.

  • Lyssyn

    Furs looks darn good!! N her men seems to love her look!!!

  • BritBrat

    I absolutely love Tyra & miss her show, but didn’t they tell Americans to NOT vacation in Mexico bc of the gangs & them targeting Americans!? I guess she can do that bc she’s rich! Stay safe Tyra & your bf is too cute 🙂

  • Bbeautifull

    Tyra has the perfect body.. And a fatty back.

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