Some 4th Of July Swirl: Reggie Bush Spotted Kickin It With His Bootleg Version Of Kimmy Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

Reggie Bush was seen sportin’ his lil fake Kim Kardashian piece around Hollyweird this weekend

The two were seen getting it poppin at Playhouse…hmmmm looks like Reggie and this Melissa Molinaro character might be getting serious. SMH.


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  • guest

    Reggie does not date black women!!!

  • noble

    so brainwashed. smh

  • Monica

    Melissa was one of the “making the band” rejects, I guess she changed her last name so people wouldnt notice.

  • Kelly

    And here comes the Kim Hate!! At least with Kim he didn’t have to worry about a gold digger. Kim has her own Money, her own Life and a supportive family, now he is out here with these women and don’t know what they want from him. Oh Well!! Kimmy is Happy so hopefully he is too.

  • Mason Freeman

    In my opinion, the look-a-like looks better!

  • Petri


    Rich women can be gold diggers too. Why spend mine when I can spend yours?? The problem I have with Kim is the fact that she made a fortune getting screwed on camera by Ray J of all people. Now she walks around with that sloppy a** like she’s the best thing since the web. Last days people… Jesus take the wheel!!!!!

  • Maury

    I love me aome bush

  • Strawberry

    Personally I agree with the comment ninja k made. I dnt care if blk man date white women. More blk women r becoming more educated and sucessful and blk men cant handle that. We dnt ask for much but if u cant handle the little bit, then maybe blk women aint for u

  • Redbonelicious

    Black Men stay losing!!

  • http://Bossip caramela

    reg has a ‘type’ doesn’t he?

  • NewNew

    Poor girl, she will forever be compared to Kim…

  • Janay

    Who caaaaares about reggie bush! Save that news for eonline or perez Hilton. Geez lol

  • prettynana43

    THE NINJA KITTY,,,I never tried to play anyone of any race so wat u talkin about??? I said its his choice if he dates white,to each his own,But tRusT HIS mama n NAna won’t ALLOW HIM WIFING THEM ! SO IF U GOT OFFENDED,YO that’s on U! I’m MAKin my comments on the blogs uim not here to go bak n forth wit u or anybdy else on these blogs!#Have a blessed day!(Mama always said kill em wit kindness);)

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