What’s Beef?: Chris Brown VS Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” Breakdown Of Lyrics Prove Beef Over Rihanna [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

“I’m Just Saying, You Can Do Better”-Drake

“He’s Just Saying He Can Do Better”-Chris Brown

Drake’s Version With Lyrics:

The jest of Drake’s Marvin’s Room is him calling up a girl in love and wanting to be with her. He explains that he is living the fast life, but still has feelings for her and doesn’t care about who she is in love with (Breezy).

Chris Brown’s Version With Lyrics:

Chris Brown’s version of Marvin’s Room is saying Drake is a hater who salted him up with Riri.

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  • Hater

    Can we say, “Reaching”? No one cares about that big forehead havin’, mc donalds moon chin havin a s s batch. She got herpes for days. Ol’ raggedy ann lookin’ h o e.

  • Holla

    Breezy said, I’ll never hit a woman, but i’ll slap the s*** out of a b****!

  • meme

    I don’t that song is about anybody. Sounds like Chris’s version is giving the new mans perspective so how would it be about Rihanna and They aren’t together. If Drake is her new man his version would be what Chris is saying if that makes sense. I think you’re reaction and Chris would be dumb to go back especially since that incident nearly ruined his career

  • Ms. Gottabody

    I completly agree with u MEME

  • Lisa

    @Hater you do. You took the time to wrie something on a post about her, and she could give 2 sh*ts about you, so you are an idiot.

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