For The Stans: Beyonce Does Vogue Italia…Run The World (Girls) Hits #1 On Billboard Dance Charts

- By Bossip Staff

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  • Shanice

    Bring on the hate.. 5…4…3…2…1..

  • jayz+Bey = billionaire wife

    Love always conquers hate……. BEYONCE 🙂

  • Thee real

    Payola has set in to remedy that bonnafide FLOP. Good for her!!!!!

  • Dollo


  • For Hire

    I love to f*k and im looking for a friend with benefit$$$ to support my skiing habit.

    Immediate availability.

  • T

    Lol at the same hater posting twice under different names. So pathetic. Anyway congrats 2 bey. Gorgeous pics & i love ‘4’.

  • Juliemango

    Much success 2 4!!!

  • min

    Love every fkucin song on her album! Especially run the world!

  • CeCe

    Y’all beWACKce fans and stans kill me with that y’all hatin’ on beYAWNce bull! It’s not hating when it’s an opinion! She is not god! She is a performer/singer, an overrated one at that! If she made a song on how good her boo boo smell y’all would run out and buy it and still kiss her a** and say that’s y’all jam! Crazy mofo’s!

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  • jayz+Bey = billionaire wife

    your a ugly knocked knee, fat, stanky, stupid, broke azz, free humping, baby mama, stuck in the hood, greyhound bus riding, subway token and greasy NAPPY headed skunk with a lame azz opinion….mad because you NOTHING! YOUR THAT UGLY THANK THAT HATED THE CLEAN PRETTY GIRLS…..go cuss out your lazy mama for sending you to school dirty and hungry!

  • Nola

    I’m not impressed by her new songs or her ads. I would have thought she is on a next level because of who she has become but her new music sounds like someone who is just getting into the music business where they will done anything to make it. This is B, she owns this business but these new songs stink. I’m not supporting her on any of her new songs.

  • Tt

    Was she number one any where else on the Charts???
    Number one for Dance/song.. Lol

    Wow such a success.. lol

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    I thought DISCO music was dead ?

  • Robert D. Patterson, MD

    Absolutely LOVE the new album! I guess this puts to rest all that crap about her not being able to “saang.” Lol! Keep doing your thing, Bey. Thanks for the great new music.

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