Pure Comedy: Soft-As-Charmin Miguel Tries To Bring eBeef To Young Lloyd… Over A _________

- By Bossip Staff

This guy right here is the last person we would expect to initiate beef with anybody. About anything.

Except, of course if someone said something about his mama or something. And that’s not an opinion based on any assumption about his sexuality: he just seems like a peaceful, non-violent type dude.

And then he goes and tweets this yesterday:

And for a second, we thought something deep was going on. And then we found out the issue. And haven’t stopped laughing yet.

This was Lloyd on 106 & Park yesterday:

And that’s what got Miguel’s feathers all ruffled. Somebody tell this young man that he did not invent this “signature” haircut of his please!

More pics of Lloyd’s new look and what it all means on the flip.

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  • okay

    Miguel I like your music but u are reaching. Lloyd is not in no way imitating u. He’s been out longer soooooo…ummmm…yeah!!! That’s not a good look when u beef over dumb stuff, especially being new to the industry.
    And I don’t understand why all these people talking people copying them. Everybody’s style comes from somewhere. I’m sure Miguel’s weird style if dress was influenced by somebody too and I don’t see that person calling him out.

  • Muffy

    They are both unattractive and that hairstyle miguel tryna claim is hideous. But I will say I love miguels song “sure thing” and I have a few lloyd songs on my playlist. Other than that, theyre both lame.

  • King Beef

    This is stupid. If any thing they both copied Sammy Davis Jr hairslyle.Lol.

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