Hate It or Love It??: Beyonce’s 4

- By Bossip Staff

King Bey Bey sold all time low 313,000 copies of her new LP 4 this week, but do you like the album?

As hard as it is to put album sales figures into context these days, it’s generally not good when you go from 481,000 to 310,000 in debut weeks for consecutive albums. The former was the number of units moved by Beyoncé’s I Am…Sasha Fierce in its first week of sales back in 2008, while the latter was the final tally for 4, released last Tuesday. It’s the lowest first-week sales number that the pop megastar has posted for any of her solo releases, and nearly a quarter-million less than her peak of 541,000 for B’Day back in 2006. Is it time to press the panic button on Queen B’s latest being a flop?

Well, not really. Beyoncé’s first-week number is still the year’s third-biggest—well higher than those of anticipated blockbuster releases from Britney Spears (276,00) and Chris Brown (270,000) and over three times more than this week’s other best-selling new releases, Big Sean’s Finally Famous and Selena Gomez & the Scene’s When the Sun Goes Down. Label exec Rob Stringer is even declaring victory over the album’s first week, pointing to the worldwide figures, including in the U.K. and Brazil, where sales are well ahead of the pace of previous Beyoncé albums.

You could also argue that the deck was somewhat stacked against 4, given the (somewhat undeserved) poor reception for lead single “Run the World (Girls),” the album leaking three weeks ahead of schedule, and the rumors circulating that the album’s release date was going to be pushed back so the label could make some last-minute edits. With all that working against it, 300,000 is a pretty respectable number, even if not quite indicative of the triumph that Stringer is trying to put it forth as. Not mentioned by Stringer, however, is the album’s strong reception amongst critics—review composite site Metacritic has 4 netting an average score of 73 out of 100, the highest number for Queen B to date, and 11 higher than the 62 for I Am…Sasha Fierce.

Obviously, Beyonce is an amazingly talented performer and vocalist, but her albums always seem to be polarizing. So we ask you…

Hate it or love it???


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  • nia

    Love it! It’s an adult album. I only dislike 3 out of the 12 tracks. End of time is my fav 🙂

  • LadyM

    I luv it…

  • Girl Melanie

    Hate it! Her breath stinks too!

  • T

    @ girl melanie, how do u know what her breath smells like? Gtfoh with that mess. Anyway i love the album. The fact that beyonce has 4 consecutive #1 albums is amazing. She even outsold britney, katy, & rihanna who all had #1 singles. Beyonce stays winning. Congrats.

  • not

    I haven’t heard the entire album but the songs that were released I didn’t like any of them. I didnt like the last album either (Sasha fierce). Her first album will always be my favorite. She’s great at what she does but I’m just not feeling her new music. Congrats to her for having a number 1 album. I read people said the numbers are considered a flop but aren’t these numbers around what she has always done. I guess people thought she’d be platinum the first week.

  • sweetz4eatz

    I love it its like the “I am part of last album, but I appreciate real music not club crap on the radio, she is a true talent with stickablity not a one hit wonder.

  • Shanice

    Love it! Didn’t think I would like it because of Run The World.

  • Luvya

    Hate it…..worst album from her

  • fields

    Love the album! You can see her growth from the previous albums. Can’t wait for the tour!!!!

  • Girl Melanie

    @luvya, thank u!

  • Natasha

    @msbliss, I so agree with you. Beyonce topping billboard’s top 200 chart was not a surprise at all, in fact for her status, her awards and all she have accomplished it was expected!! Thats why the album was hyped. Why do people keep expecting Rihanna to do better than Beyonce. Consider how long they both been in the business, the fact that Rihanna had no training relating to music at all growing up and Beyonce did says something. When Rihanna came on the scene Beyonce was already established as an top artist whereas Rihanna was just getting started. Beyonce going on 16 yrs while Rihanna is just going on to 7 yrs. Personally I have never brought Rihanna’s albums, I do however have some of her songs from each albums. I brought mostly all of Beyonce’s, incuding Destiny’s Child, however I did not buy her new one “4”. Beyonce have more albums out than Rihanna does, instead of her sells going down, they need to be going up…. Nothing against her. Just the truth!

  • jayz+bey=billionaire wife

    Keep your $10…ok! Really Bey “4” is selling all over the world! HER CONCERTS ARE SOLD OUT….ADVERTISING MULTI MILLON $$$ CONTRACTS

  • Redfoxxx

    Beyonce’s 4 will stay at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 for a second week. The lack of high-profile release will not challenge her. So far more than 300k in north america, around 150k in EU. another 150k from asia+South america + 50k rest of world (inc, Aus,NZ, Brazil) first week WW sales will be more than 600k at least.

  • Miss Lisa

    First, I am not a beyonce stan and I don’t think everything she has done is great….on that note I love love love her new album its different and refreshing. I can play it from start to finish and want to hear it again. It shows a different style and her range. I agree with nia its definitely an adult album and if your in love, have been in love, want to be in love lol….this album is for you!! Dance for you, countdown and end of time are my favs!!

  • Redfoxxx

    Love it!! Love her!! Grown music 4 grown folks!!! She moves outside da box, she’s her own woman doing her own thing, doing her music her way on her terms!! She’s been doing it for 15 years and has earned the right to do whatever she wants!! She’s in charge and she lets everyone knows it!!! She is in total control and doesn’t care what we think!!! And I love that!! I love her!!! She’s a goddess!!!

  • Keyla

    I luv it!!!! Bey has really grown and she shows her versaltility on 4……

  • Ashley J

    I absolutely loooooovvveee this album every song has incredible vocals and substance!!!! If u can honestly say u “hate” this album than u don’t know good music! I mean really not one song…seriously?!!!!…not love on top, countdown, end of time,I care, party none of them? Really?!!! Lol I can’t…I’m done! Lol

  • skye

    I think her first 2 albums are better then the last 2.the only song I like on this is Party mostly because of the genius rapper/Supa fine André 3000.and I hate beyonce.but,in other countries she’s big so w.e.

  • Keyla

    I totally agree with Ashley J…..

  • Teal

    Hate it–This album was a disappointment. I expected more from her since it was her fourth. Her voice is great. Her songs have no depth.

  • Shaniqua_Michelle

    I absolutely LOVE IT! At first, I was kinda skeptical…thinking that it would be a big flop. BUT….it grew on me! I love songs like “countdown”, “I care”, “party” && well the whole thing! What people fail to realize is that she ‘s growing up && her music has to grow with her. If she makes the same music everytime, it will start to become boring && nobody would buy it. Also, her album is #1 in a lot of countries, just check the charts. I disagree with a lot of you, but we’re all entitled to our own opinions. GOOD LUCK BEY!

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