Toast It Up: Casey Anthony’s Defense Team Hi-Five Over Bubbly And Give The Media The Finger

- By Bossip Staff

Have they no scruples? You already know they’re thrilled by their attorney fees skyrocketing overnight but given the sensitivity factor, is this really appropriate to celebrate in this way?

Casey Anthony’s defense team didn’t waste much time before celebrating their stunning legal victory.

Not long after a jury acquitted Anthony of killing her 2-year-old daughter in 2008, her lawyers were across the street popping champagne corks and toasting their win.

Photos snapped by a passerby show lawyer Jose Baez and his team raising their glasses at the Terrace 390 restaurant, right across the street from the Orlando courthouse.

Just hours before, their client had been cleared of a first-degree murder charge that had her facing the death penalty.

As reporters gathered outside to watch the spectacle, one member of the defense team, Cheney Mason, greeted them with a one-fingered salute.

Earlier outside the courthouse, Mason had scolded reporters and self-appointed television experts for convicting his client in the press.

“I hope that this is a lesson to those of you having indulged in media assassination for three years,” he said.

Anthony, 25, was convicted of misdemeanor charges of lying to cops which could result in a maximum sentence of four years, although with time served she could go free as early as Thursday.

Why the finger, though? Something about this still just doesn’t seem right. We’re still trying to figure out what happened to that little girl and they’re toastin’ it up. SMH. Justice has been served.


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  • Bree

    What the hell is going on with our legal system?,there is a special place in hell for someone her.

  • Chris1762

    @fellow commenters

    What don’t you understand? They’re not celebrating the death of a child, but the winning of a 3 year case. They deserve to pop some bubbly and pat themselves on the back… They worked hard for it. Put your emotions away and look at it for what it is.

  • MyMy

    They didn’t prove she killed her daughter so justice was served… I believe she is guilty but the police just rushed into filing charges and if people want to blame someone they should be blaming the police….all they had was circumstantial evidence which isn’t enough. She was smart with all her crazy antics and different stories she made up bcz the police played right into if and didn’t focus on getting any real evidence, they should have waited to file charges once they had some real evidence….

  • Bree

    SMFH.Yeah!!everybody its a celebration,there just celebrating the fact that they got a murder/sicko off with a hand slap,i mean there is nothing messed up or wrong with that.WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

  • http://n/a Fly Gurl

    No Justice…No Peace!

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