In White Folks News: Brad Pitt Is Finally Ready To Jump The Broom

- By Bossip Staff

Now that more gay people are allowed to get married, Brad Pitt sounds like he’s ready to bite the bullet.

But of course, in true Brangelina fashion, he’s not going to come right out and say it. We have to read between the lines.

Here’s what he did have to say about marriage equality, which is what he and Angelina are waiting for before they walk down that aisle:

“It is encouraging that New York has joined the movement to grant equal marriage rights to its citizens. But it is each American’s Constitutional right to marry the person they love, no matter what state they inhabit. No state should decide who can marry and who cannot. Thanks to the tireless work of so many, someday soon this discrimination will end and every American will be able to enjoy their equal right to marriage.”

Yup, that secret matrimony-dom is about to go down.


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  • Jas

    Where did u get that from in his statement??!! Stop pulling 4 a story cuz that implies nothing but he all for equal marriage rights not that he wants to get married.

  • http://google SMH

    Just think.. If we all spent as much time and energy lobbying for more relevant issues like equal pay, fair lending, lower taxes, etc ALL OF US would be happier campers.

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