SMDH: Casey Anthony Sentenced To Four Years In Prison… But She’ll Be Out In A Week!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Casey Anthony faced the judge this morning looking like she was ready to get back to the world as many expected she would today.

However, Judge Belvin Perry wasn’t having that.

The “tough judge” who has been presiding over the Casey Anthony case since the beginning chose to give Casey Anthony the maximum sentence she could receive for her crimes of lying to investigators three times.

Perry sentenced Casey one year in prison and a $1000 fine for each of the four counts, to be served consecutively. Which means a four year sentence.

However, after the judge and prosecutor factored in the nearly three years Casey has already served, plus time off for “good behavior,” her release date has been set to July 13. Yes, 2011. Yes, six days from today.

You gotta love how this justice system works…

Casey is due back in court soon to determine how much she should have to repay of the $12,000 investigators spent on their search for little Caylee, being that Casey’s defense claimed that she knew all along that her daughter had drowned.

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  • Living

    I wish I still was in Florida, so I can be in line to throw rocks at her once she comes out.
    Well we all know how her summer is gonna be-_-

  • loc

    That bish gettin out july 13 2011…hide ya kids!

  • CiCi & CoCo -The Besties.

    I wanna throw rocks at her too. There’s gonna be a lot of psychos comin after her.. she wont last long.

  • Steelcitychick

    Yeah…I have a feeling this monster is gonna get her azz beaten to a pulp soon after being released! If she does…there will be no tears wasted on this freak!

  • Kathryn

    F the judicial system. And i doubt anyone anyone will have the balls to do something to her. I doubt ppl will even know where she’s at… And by the time ppl find out, all the heat will have died down and no one will beat her up. Sadly.

  • King Beef

    Yeah and she?ll be dead a week later.

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  • bmarcushook

    Will there be any JUSTICE for Baby Cailie. I wonder if they took baby having privileges away. I wonderd who gave almost 2million dollars for her trial. She haven’t asked who killed my daughter? She will live a life every day haunted by her actions

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