The Engagement Photo Of Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa And Other Wizber Pics [Photos]

- By Bossip Staff

When Amber Rose moved on from her famous beau Kanye West many people thought Wiz Khalifa was the ultimate downgrade.Those people are completely wrong–at least in Amber’s eyes.

Since beginning her very public relationship with the Taylor Gang head, Twitter timelines and Tumblr accounts have been flooded with pictures of them kissing, hugging and even licking each other.

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  • ummm hmmm

    MAJOR DOWNGRADE! He’s need to hop in the shower and wash everything including his hair. He looks incredibly dirty

  • breakItup

    NOOOO!!! Amber, pls don’t stay w this man(boy) Major downgrade from Ye..

  • cammie jay

    He might not have more money than KANYE but he probably treats her better . So that would make him a UPGRADE.

  • King Beef

    No disrespect to anyone, but this is the problem. Woman say Wiz is a downgrade whether it be money looks or whatever, but dude might just be cool as f*ck and Amber is feeling him so what?s the problem. It seems to me a lot of women value their worth by a dollar sign. Then you wonder why a brother get beside himself when he get paper and play women like a ps3. Yes stability is important and looks are a factor whatever preference you have, but two play a brother simply because he might have less money than the next is wack. So would you sacrifice your happiness for a large check or would you build with someone who get enough money and truly adore the ground you walk on.

  • Camilladundilla

    I definitely agree with u @ cammie jay….. If he treats her good and like a queen I say that’s the way to go! I also agree with Amber Rose too…. She dated Kanye so obviously it’s an upgrade for her! Wiz may not be all that looks wise but if ur nice and a have a great personality and a charisma about u then looks don’t really matter, trust! E’vryone deserves happiness!

  • tankreeper

    thank u king

  • Janay

    I’m saying she should find an attractive guy as beautiful as she is. He looks soooo dirty and gross especially that above pic. Even if he treats her nice and with respect, his looks alone are rude.

  • Christielove1468

    Since Amber and Wiz have been together,she seem to be happy for the moment. Wiz seem to treat her with love and he worships the ground she walks on;Kanye used to treat her like an fashion accessory. I hope that Amber truly feels the same way about Wiz.

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