Natalie Cole Is Still Kickin

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Natalie Cole’s most recent bout with Hepatitis C was nearly fatal but she pulled through:

It’s been a bumpy road lately for Natalie Cole – the singer recently revealed she has been struggling with Hepatitis C, a disease she thinks she contracted in her drug-ridden past, and has been in and out of the hospital. And now she has a new health battle to fight. “They told me… ‘Your lungs have filled up with fluid and your kidney is functioning at 10%,’ ” Natalie reveals to Entertainment Tonight about a recent health scare in NYC. “They would have found me either unconscious or dead. I think I was on my way out.” The “Unforgettable” singer is still battling Hepatitis C, and she’s now on dialysis.”I was in denial that I was close to dying until after 3-4 days of being hospitalized and them putting me on dialysis,” she says. “I had a lot of time to think. The first thing I knew is that I will never work the same way again. Three hours a day, three times a week (during dialysis) I just sit there and am glad that there is something to keep me going.”

Natalie’s next step to wellness could involve a serious step – an organ transplant.

Ms. Cole’s messy past coming to haunt her should be a warning to all people. Do not do drugs. The side effects may take their time to come back and f*ck you up. FACT


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  • liyah

    damn!!! dis shuld be a wake up call to all those who do drugs jus to make u “feel good” but derr is a heavy price to pay! And wen u finally realize dat, its gon be too late cuz da truth dun already bit u on da a$$!!!!!!

  • Caroline du Nord

    does this apply to da chronic??

  • WordtotheWise

    Get well, Nat! You’re one of the best singers ever. Many try to duplicate, but never make it. Lord only knows many of the singers of today can’t, won’t, and don’t light a candle to Ms. Cole.

  • VIRGO911

    Although the use of many drugs have dangerous side effect FYI the hepatitis C virus is transmitted mainly by contact with blood or blood products.

    Nat probably contacted it by sharing contaminated needles, which is the most common mode of transmission.

  • TONY

    Really nice girl! But have to say girls I met on **** Agelessmate.c o m ******* are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! they are not just beautiful and sicere girls but attractive cougars!

  • Jewish Baby

    oh my

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals is missing her Lil Sis--IJM!!!!!!!!

    Damn Natalie!!

    I’m STILL rock songs like “Our Love” “Miss you like Crazy” and “I’ve got love on my mind.”


    Yup! Classics!

    Hang in there hun!!!!!

  • BE

    Drugs don’t always kill – they may just have you all effed up! For every action there has got to be a reaction.

    I agree with word to the wise she is still one of the best singers

    @1trudiva – she is a classic..

  • Sinsa

    mmm yeah does that apply to the ganja, or are we talkin chasing the dragon?

  • Marica

    I dont know nat, I think you got AIDS, and you dont want to tell

  • U Don't Know Me

    fuk dat. I ‘ll still smoke a lil’ weed

  • U Don't Know Me

    a lil’ sensi! lol!

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