Exclusive: Barely One Week Into Filming, Chrissy Has Already Gotten Into Her First “Love & Hip-Hop” Season 2 Scrap Up

- By Bossip Staff

VH1’s hit series “Love & Hip-Hop” only started shooting its second season this week, but BOSSIP has learned exclusively that drama has already ensued.

A source close to one of the cast members tells BOSSIP exclusively that while filming in New York yesterday, Jim Jones’ fiancee Chrissy Lumpkin got into a fight with one of the cast members at Emily B’s new Fabulous-free apartment. And we’re not talking about just an argument or swearing match here. We’re talking an actual physical altercation.

What’s surprising is that the other girl involved in the fight is the newest cast member, video model Kimbella who’s boyfriend is Jimmy’s longtime friend and group/label mate Juelz Santana.

Because of their men’s close relationship, Chrissy is the last person we would have expected to have beef with Kimbella, especially this early in the game.

Our source was unable to confirm what started the argument.

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  • Ashley

    who da eff is Kimbella????

  • SweetMahogonu

    Crissy need to quit fighting and have Jim Jones some kids….

  • The truth

    Can’t stand that crazy chick, I hope Jim Jones is smart enough not to marry that ghetto trash. I really don’t like the way she talks to his mother either!

  • raveit

    You called her ghetto trash but last time I checked jim jones is just as hood….ghetto…thuggish as she is. He loves his momma and to be honest chrissy is just a younger version of his momma. That’s why they butt heads and that’s why jim gon marry her.

  • The truth

    Never did say Jim wasn’t ghetto trash/hood, just stated my opinion about Chrissy……..mmmmmkay!

  • alwaysme

    Who the heck and what is a Kimbella? Com on son with the names! All is fair in Love n Hip Hop buckle up chica.

    I think they make a good couple. She needs to stop disrepecting his moms though.

  • The truth

    I never said Jim jones nor his mother was perfect, just stating my observation about the behavior of Chrissy!!! Mmmmmkay!

  • Cush33

    I don’t think she disrespect his mom, a strong woman that well let another dictate her relationship. Jims mother needs to let her son be a man and cut the cord. Kimbrella is using juelz santanna to become a star. That will be very clear in the show. They hooked up on twitter.

  • renten

    Like really? How old is this heffa? Get a f*ckin life who fights at her age

  • CeCe

    Riiiiiggghhtt!!!!! I don’t care how ghetto my moms is…. If my dude get smart with my moms and call her a b***h I’mma F**k him up! Plain and simple! I liked Chrissy at first but what turned me off about her is how she came at Somaya without even knowing her, she a hater! Even when Somaya wanted to make a song with Jim, Chrissy jealous behind talked him out of it! She obviously thought Somaya was a threat! But if ur confident within urself and trust ur dude then Somaya wanting to make music with Jim wouldn’t have even fazed her! She made herself look like a jealous miserable b***h! It’s a reason why Nancy don’t like her and a reason Jim it’s not marrying her! Heard she got a shady past! Max B…….???? Did she touch it??????

  • Did she touch it in Miami???

    ^^^^^^^ Ooowwww!!

  • The truth

    Well said CeCe, I forgot to mention how jealous hearted Chrissy and her mole was of Somaya!

  • #realtalk

    maybe they had beef to begin wit & thts why they added her to the show…they obviously kno each other since their men are so close…on another note…yall talkin bou chrissy lik she gve 2 shits…she cakin & WE aint…she too REAL and FAKE ppl cant deal so they talk bou her…

  • The truth

    You’re the fake one hon……

  • The truth

    Btw, speak for yourself! I have a well paying job in healthcare and don’t have to depend on my man for any money. Get off of Chrissy clit!

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  • Brazilmoma

    To me, its no different than Evelyn from basketball wives fighting with those girl on the show. Hopefully these woman finally grow up and get their act together! Smh

  • Michella

    I think that Chrissy is a good person and whatever goes down on the show then it is what it is. With the kind of life style that they live she has to stay on her toes about her man and who’s in his studio. You can’t trust every1 and just because Somya said that she only wanted to make music Chrissy still has to look out for Jim no matter how others feel about the situation. Jim just don’t mode why she’s doing because their still together. If he’s okay with his chick fighting at the age she’s at then that’s what she will do. If you listen to some of Jim’s music you will hear him say how he likes a women who ain’t afraid to stand up for what is her’s he also states that he likes a women who is not afraid to fight if another women gets wrong. But that’s just my opinion I like Jim an Chrissy and wish them both the best of luck.

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