The Side Eye: Dame Dash’s Baby Mama Says He Talked His Son Out Of Going To College So He Could Stop Paying Child Support!!!

- By Bossip Staff

This shady mu’fuggah here!

As much as Dame Dash used to show off his son Boog when the checks were coming in, his baby mama now says he is doing any and everything to avoid helping her take care of their son.

Linda Williams – who has a 19-year-old son (also named Damon Dash) – is battling her famous ex to pay court ordered payments of $425 per week to help support their son.

Williams claims that Dash Sr. – who once had an estimated fortune of $50 million – has also interfered with their son from going to college because this would mean he will have to continue to pay child support.

Williams told “I just want Damon Dash to do the right thing by his son and pay his support and help me get him in college.

“My son got into Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY, on a $30,000 scholarship recently to do music, but his father did not want him to go even though it would not have cost him anything.

“He keeps telling him ‘tell your mom to drop the child support case and get out of court’ when my son just wants to be a normal teenager and go to college.

“His father recently set him up with some DJ gigs in New York, and I’m worried that he falls in with a bad crowd and gets involved with drugs and alcohol.

Now, in Dame’s defense: Boog is 19. At this point, if he wants to help his son out directly and avoid the baby mama as a middle man, he should be able to, right? Especially since we all know that man’s money is funny these days. And New York doesn’t play about those child support cases.

On April 6, 2010, Magistrate Cheryl Weir Reeves threatened to jail and seize Dash Sr.’s driving and business licenses, if he did not comply with previous rulings.

The back-dated payments of $425 per week to Williams were due to began on May 27, 2010.

Their original child support agreement in November 8, 1999, called upon Dash to pay her $3,766.67 per month in child support payments.

In addition, he was ordered to pay for his son’s summer camp, tutoring fees, private school tuition, karate lessons, guitar lessons plus the quarterly sum of $1,000 as vacation expenses also.

Last year, two multi-million dollar lofts he owned in Manhattan, New York, went into foreclosure after he failed to make the $78, 500 per month payments on them.

According to the State of New Jersey’s Division of Taxation, Dash is currently the second biggest debtor to the state, owing $23,073,227.56 in back taxes to New York and New Jersey.

But Linda Williams doesn’t believe claims that Dash Sr. is totally broke.

She said: “At our last court appearance he admitted that he was paying between $10,000 and $12,000 per month for his home in Up-State New York, plus he has an art gallery and recording studio in Manhattan, so, he’s hardly broke.”

Do you think Linda’s really in this for her son’s sake?? Or is she just trying to make sure she her cut while Dame’s checks are still coming in??

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  • some people.....

    I think it’s all about the money. If she wanted her son to go to college that bad she would’ve dropped the child support case. Parents don’t believe in sacrificing so that their kids can have a better future anymore. Not a good look.

  • CeCe

    I think she’s just lookin’ out for her son! I feel her, the son needs to go to college! U can DJ and all that but have a back-up plan which will be that degree! Damon’s cheap behind just trying to get out of paying! As far as Damon getting his son gigs and trying to get him in the music industry is a fail. The music industry is so fickle he of all people should know that! If Damon Dash wasn’t a selfish person he would want what’s best for his child, he would encourage him to go to college and be the best he can be! But….. This is Damon Dash we’re talkin’ about, he always seemed like a shady mofo to me!

  • bossman702

    Cece, if she just wants her son to go to college, why is she going to court about child support. Dame’s right with this one. His son can always go to college and I’m sure Dame could pay for it. No need to pay HER so his child can get an education

  • ms'sasha

    once the child is 18 and in college the child support goes to the child and NOT the parent. so the money would be going to her son not her

  • Tia

    If the son got a $30,000 scholarship and didn’t have to pay anything, why isn’t he in school?

  • jrs

    If he owe back support he need to pay that. he sure goes after money owed to him! as far as anything else, hell that kid is 19 he on his own.. if her near $3g lifestyle has ended then she needs to replace that. love and hiphop is hiring !

  • sasha

    This Karma is great for dirty dame. As a notorious rapist everything he ever sowed is coming right back to him! Wonderful dirty dame wonderful

  • erica

    His college tuition room and board were paid for but he would have other expenses like books things for his room food so that 425 would help a lot. I find it funny he will spend money on those DJ gigs for him but won’t help out with his education.

  • Keisha

    I think what they are saying is that as long as he stays in school he will still have to pay child support. It’s already a order by the courts. Its not her wanting the money. He knows if his son continues school he has to continue to provide the court order. But if his son decides not to go to college the child support stops.

  • Crystal

    $ 425 a week ain’t sh!t when you paying 10 thousand a month on a condo. Cmon people, this is his SON. It’s ok for him to spend lavishly everywhere else but on his seed?! That’s some straight bullsh!t. They shouldn’t have to go to court to enforce things. If his head was on straight and if being a “good father” was a priority to him, it would be automatic and she wouldn’t have to put his sh!t on blast. Art Galleries, really??

  • nikkislim

    Another deadbeat dad. Can’t stand a mf that won’t/don’t help support their children. Damon Dash remember Karma is a b****!

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