Identity Crises: Stars With Too Many Doggone Split Personalities And Nicknames!

- By Bossip Staff
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Did your mom ever tell you to be yourself? Well, these celebrities didn’t get that memo. They’re always changing their names and talking about their split personalities! We’re starting to think that some of these people have serious psychological issues or something.

Here are some stars that either keep talking about their split personalities or keep more nicknames than Weezy got baby mommas.

Nicki Minaj – So there’s some british chick that she pretends to be and some gay dude named Roman that she made a whole song as. They’re somehow split personalities that she’s adapted. And they’re all more relevant than Lil Kim.

Eminem – He’s got the most famous split personality of them all as Slim Shady knows how to get into some serious trouble. He did, in fact, rap about killing his baby mama under the SS moniker. Maybe O.J. should have a split personality rap name.

Jay-Z – He doesn’t have any split personalities we know of, but he’s Jay Hova, Jigga, Bey’s Boo, Hubby Hov, and The Camel. Okay, we made some of those up, but still.

Shaq – Where do we start? Shaqtus. The Big Aristotle. Diesel. He makes up names like he’s on witness protection. Now that he’s with Hoopz, he’s going to have some interesting names for himself we’re sure.

Diddy – Is there anyone with more annoying name changes than Puff Daddy? He was “Swag” for a day before he realized that his lameness was making him look like a goober. Get it together, P. Diddly Doo Dog.

Big Boi – We love Big Boi and ‘Kast, but we’re not calling him Daddy Fat Sacks. But the nickname is so cool that we wish we could have come up with that for ourselves.

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    Cassidy – He dedicated an album to his split personalities. One was a grimy hustler that had an ill flow and the other was a cornball that made sh*tty radio singles with R. Kelly.

    Beyonce – That whole Sasha Fierce thing was kind of weird. Bey joined the split personality album trend and confused the hell out of everyone. Who is Sasha Fierce? Apparently just Beyonce that likes rough sex from time to time. Big whoop.

    Rihanna – She’s gone on interviews talking about her two personalities: Rihanna, the innocent starlet and Robyn, the freak. Well, they’ve since become one and the same and the world is better for it.

    Lady Gaga – She’s like the full-body version of Two-Face. Because her dad doesn’t want her to have tats, Gaga only tatted up one half of her body and left the other half to make daddy happy. We’re sure he still wells up with pride when he sees her covered in raw meat knowing that her body isn’t fully covered in tattoos.

    Lil Wayne – Even his nicknames have nicknames. He’s Weezy F. Baby and the “F” stands for “Finisher,” “Phenomenal,” and a million other different words. And no, we’re not sure how “F” stands for “Phenomenal” either.

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    • team nymphis

      you can add Mona to this list.he got split personality disorder too.

      Monday – Wednesday he’s clarence the shift manager at Wendys.

      Thursday and some Fridays he wears a Captain America costume and strips at gay clubs

      Saturday and Sunday he becomes Mona the Turkish and Filipino blogger.

      Up your meds you frisbee lip bich

    • gina

      Whoa….Nymphis….is back!

    • Christielove1468


    • wannabene

      TI vs. TIP??

    • Me!!!!!

      Rick Ross should be #1 on this list. That poor man thinks he’s every criminal or gangsta that lived on earth. I’m big meech or Larry hover wait no Im Rick Ross. No I wanna be…… Wants your name. Lmao

    • King Beef

      Lmmao @nymphis! You went all the way in.

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