Quote Of The Day: Newt Gingrich Says We Are In The “Obama Depression”

- By Bossip Staff

Newt Gingrich is still talking that yang:

Newt Gingrich labeled the economic situation in the U.S. as the “Obama depression,” just days after a dismal jobs report and signs negotiations on the debt deal are faltering.

“At 9.2 percent now for month after month after month, this is the Obama depression,” Gingrich said on Fox and Friends Sunday morning. “Housing prices have dropped deeper than in the great depression and it’s very clear that under Obama’s job killing policies, we’re not going to get out of this deep unemployment.”

The former speaker of the House praised Speaker John Boehner for making the decision that Republicans will not stand for tax increases. “Republicans are correct to say first of all, no tax increase period. John Boehner was right. He deserves credit for recognizing that the right position for conservatives is no tax increase. Second, they ought to get the biggest spending cut deal they can by taking what Vice President Biden put on the table,” Gingrich said. “I think the largest deal possible with no tax increases is fine.”

In a National Review op-ed Friday, Gingrich wrote, “Republicans should reject the establishment’s demand for a tax increase. There is plenty of money to be saved from a bloated government without giving Washington one penny of higher taxes.”

Gingrich joined fellow 2012 Republican contender Mitt Romney in criticizing David Plouffe’s claim that Americans won’t cast their votes in the 2012 election based on unemployment numbers, saying Plouffe lives in a “fantasy.”

“If you’re David Plouffe and you’ve got a nice job, it’s easy for you to say the unemployment rate doesn’t matter,” Gingrich said. “When you go out and talk to Americans in the rest of the country outside Washington, I guarantee you the unemployment rate matters, the economy matters, the price of housing matters, and in every one of those issues, this Obama depression is real.”



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  • Christielove1468

    Newt Gingrich need to shut his pumpkin head self up,President Obama is trying to clean up the mess that Dubya left behind.

  • nikkislim

    Does this fool not know that we as a country would not be in this mess if Dubya hadn’t started TWO wars based on lies? Where are the WMD? There was none. Now we are still fighting these BS wars and its goin to be a long time before we can get out of them. That’s why we have no $$$$. Just imagine where we would be financialy if all that$$ wasn’t and is being wasted.
    No one was talking that s*** when Dubya was in the WH. How soon ppl, especially white folks. This country was in trouble for the whole 8 yrs Dubya was in the WH. They just ignored it. They want to act like this problem started when Pres.Obama took office. It DIDNT! Leave Pres.Obama alone and let him do his job, stop blocking everything he’s trying to do and we will get out of this mess.
    Newt Gingrich: you get a Hoe sit down!!!!

  • Frank

    And how does he rank in the polls? He is no factor. Laughingstock!


    Once again republicans aren’t taking responsible for the state of economy. I guess playing the blame game is their solution to an existing problem.

    Love how Newt states that Obama is killing job policies. Does the word “outsourcing” mean anything to anyone? Bring our manufacturing, technical support, and customer service jobs back to the United States.

  • King Beef

    Obviously Georgia Bush sold you a turd in some soup c. Georgia Bush effing lied about w.o.m.d and sent people sons and daughters to die over some bs. When did being a liar constitute good character. You are either slow are a trolling nazi, either way access denied!

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