Exclusive With Evelyn Lozada Part 1: Responds To People Who Say Chad Ochocinco Engagement Not Real, Tami T-Shirts, And Much More! [Video]

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Go Here To See Part 2 Of The Interview When Evelyn Shows Off Engagement Ring!

Exclusive Sit Down With Evelyn Lozada Part 1: Responds To People Who Say Chad Ochocinco And Her Love Is Not Real Plus Much More! [Video]

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  • m

    I think Evelyn is so desperate for a baby and a husband that she will ignore the truth. The engagement might be real to her but I don’t believe he’s all into it as she is. When they were at the doctors office he didn’t seem too ready to give a sample. And on next weeks episode she’s mad at Jen. I agree with jen he’s all in this for attention. Anything to keep people talking about him. I bet They never get married. As for those shirts Tami better Sue and get in on the profit.

  • afroliciousaye

    i agree with you o. chad ain’t about nothing. and in the episode last season he talked like “you alright but i can make you like woah” who in the world is he?! evelyn may front like she tough but on the low she seems insecure. beauty doesn’t cure everything.

  • denaee

    These old, insecure, golddigging wh@res get on my nerves!

  • CeCe

    EVILyn is wack! She must think it’s true because it’s bothering her sooo much! I guess Jen is finally starting to have a mind of her own because obviously she’s not buying the whole Ochocinco and EVILyn are so in love b.s either because she blasted the relationship on a radio show, and now poor lil’ Ev is mad! It was coming sooner or later, last season Ev said that Jen was a lil’ jealous! Is she serious! Jen just said what e’veybody else was thinking and scared to say! That’s why I have a whole new respect for Jen just cause of that situation alone!

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  • Heather

    I don’t get y she with him, he hardly all that! I don’t think he’s good looking at all? (Imo) I think he dogs her, & right on national TV. & she allows it! I really like Eve, but I think she can do WAY better! I agree with who ever commented bout her mom & sis, why she put them somewhere nice? Idk? Not my biz but if I could give my my mom ANY HELP, I’d of been there the 1st paycheck I got?

  • Teri

    I think that Evelyn and Chad’s relationship is their business, because at the end of the day they are the only two individuals in it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding Evelyn and Chad’s engagement being supposedly “fake”, however the wedding date is set, her dress will be fabulous and the wedding will go on whether you LOSERS support them or not. Stayed tuned and stop hating!!! #liveYOURLIFE

  • CeCe

    @ Teri…. U must be EVILyn’s homegirl!!!!! And it sounds like ur the loser… Getting upset on this site because we’re callin’ Ev’s relationship like it is! I don’t care if she got her dress or set a date I still think it’s a bunch of B.S!!!! EVILyn is a thirsty h*e so I already know all she sees is $$ signs! And Chad ugly arse? Chile please!!!

  • Dumbhoes

    Chad is ugly…eeeww razor bumbs n that child please s$it is GAY

  • kearia

    I jus don’t understand why yall are hating on det girl yall need to find a life …wat if yur bestfriend was nd yu fac being all cool about yur relationships nd she goes to th next person nnd talk about I like a dog …be foreal det was fale nd fake bboobooo if she had somthiing to sy about tthat relationship why she didn’t come to ev like a woman ….im just calling it like it c it …nd maybe her her mom does not want to moove out the projects maybe it was her choice to stay the nd frankly all the celebs are going broke because they letting their family live off of them maybe she did not want that to happen….!

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