Casey Anthony Jury Foreman Explains Why They Let Her Walk On Those Felony Charges

- By Bossip Staff

For the last week, many have wondered how anyone could possibly not find Casey Anthony guilty of ANY involvement in her baby girl Caylee’s death.

The foreman who lead the jury in her case has finally offered up an explanation… and it’s exactly what we would have guessed.

The foreman of the jury in the Casey Anthony trial said that his work experience trained him in reading people, which made him suspicious of the testimony of Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, a report says.

The juror, who wanted to remain nameless, told Fox News that the trial was a time he will “never forget.”
He explained to the network that many of the jurors did not believe the testimony of Casey’s father George Anthony.

“He had a very selective memory for me, and that in itself was something I always kept in the back of my mind,” the foreman said, adding that other jurors had similar reactions, reports Fox News. “There was a suspicion of him, that was a part of our conversation that we had.”

He also noted that the absence of an official cause of death raised a lot of doubt among the jurors.

Yeah, we started giving George Anthony the side-eye when he kept making Casey’s lawyers ask him the same simple questions two and three times.


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  • greeeNYC

    That foreman full of it. I’ve seen ppl get convicted of less evidence than she did. Any one who parties after the death of there child and repeatedly lies to cover there story is guilty. They should of convicted her and let that bi*@h appeal the decision. But insted them idiots let her go free.

  • Mrs.


  • m

    Well the dad wasn’t on trial so who were They trying to convict Casey or her dad. And I wouldn’t need a cause of death …all I know is a child died and her momma was living it up instead of reporting it. I think that jury was confused. It was around the 4th of July so maybe They had barbeque on the brain. Idk but she might be free but I doubt she will ever live a normal life. May little Caylee RIP.

  • Juliemango

    That woman is evil!!!

  • Ny honey

    I’ve followed this case from the start, how u….. I can’t believe she got off. When one lady told them she didn’t Feel comfortable judging anyone. After I told my local court the same thing I was never EVER asked to serve again. It was something flakey going on.

  • Westside cutie

    Definitely cosign!!!! @ Divaish!!!!!

  • http://n/a Fly Gurl

    @Sportstalk23- Agreed!

  • Itsbrittneybitch

    The jury gave her a get out of jail card, plain and simple. This woman either killed or know who killed her child.

  • King Beef

    This?ll be on L!fet!me in two month?s, tune in.

  • SIP

    Ha! It is funny how they believed George Anthony was suspect and not believable but had all the evidence in the world which showed Casey’s sociopath behind was a LIAR and suspect, yet they voted not guilty… SMH!!! Casey was smart for not testifying because if she would have testified, she would have to explain why she waited 31 days to report her daughter missing. People often get convicted of conspiracy and do life in prison with less evidence.

  • 7lady

    Well I did not follow any of it. I saw a little bit of it on nancy grace about a yr ago. It doesn’t take a rocket science. And jus from that lil bit I knew she was guilty. Who in the hell parties while their child is missing? That alone was enough for this b*tch to get the electric chair in my eyes.

  • ladee

    This lady is so evil and ahe know she or she know who killed her baby i have 2 children and i would never go out and party when my daughter or my son is missin i will pray for this woman everyday of my life that god helps her soul caylee is in a better place now with God that is goin to take care of her better than anyone on earth could of ever took care of her especially her mother

  • Mamabrasil

    I agree I couldnt imagine not having any kind of feelings while my daughter is missing. Going out and partying shouldve been the last thing on that womans mind. And yes I agree that if this were a black person with the same story then the trail wouldve been shorter and they wouldve made a quick desicion… I feel casey litrally has gotten away with murder and shouldnt think about having anymore children……

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