Aw Dem T*ttays Baby, Roll That Belly Honey! Rawse Like Sauce And Goonie Man Spotted Grubbin’ Good In MIA

- By Bossip Staff

Rick Ross, hip-hop and rap artist, was one of the big shots who dined at Prime One Twelves steakhouse on July 12th, 2011. Rick was generous with his valet tip as he handed out two 100 dollar bills.

T*ts Rozay was spotted in MIA last night getting his fine dine on with a black blonde by his side. According to paps who snapped him leaving Prime One Twelve, Ross gave the valet a $200 tip. We couldn’t see the shoes so we’re not sure whether or not he bought his broad red bottoms.

Hip-hop and Rap star, Gucci Mane, fresh out of jail on Friday, greet fans and sign autographs as they exit Prime One Twelve Steakhouse in Miami, Florida on July 12th, 2011.

Itchin’ for a fix?

Gucci Mane’s goonie goo goo lookin’ a*s was also spotted outside Prime, fresh outta jail. Okay, maybe fresh is a poor choice of words. Must’ve been a ratchet convention up in that mug. Hope the other patrons weren’t all scared away.



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  • Itsbrittneybitch

    This title is…… Yeaaa

  • King Beef

    At least the man cheap, he did leave a two hundred dollar tip, and I?m sure the waitress is one of Rick biggest fans now.

  • Chris1761

    @king beef

    He left the VALET $200…. and all he did was pull up the car. The waitress probably made out like a bandit.

  • King Beef

    @Chris# thanks for the correction.

  • Janay

    Ugg and uglier

  • ChicaChe

    Rick Ross got a doggie bago_O he seem like a cool person to hang out with…. Gucci look like his breath stink, why is his mouth always open?! EW!!!

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