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You would think a man serving his country over in a foreign land would be able to get a lil help from the government. Not so much in this case. This is the sad story of a young man from Pennsylvania named Andre Fisher whose parents are desperately seeking help for their son — who is in the Army. Fisher was arrested in February outside a nightclub in South Korea, where he’s currently serving, when a cab driver accused him of stealing $88. He says he didn’t commit the crime and his parents believe him. Despite the shady “evidence” in the case — he was convicted and sentenced to TWO YEARS IN JAIL!!!

Sandy and Bob Fisher proudly fly the American flag on the front porch of their home and say they support the military of the United States. But in recent months they say they have questioned military commanders for the way they handled the case of their 22-year-old son Private First Class Andre Fisher, who they insist was unjustly sent to prison.

Fisher was arrested in February for allegedly stealing 88 dollars from a cab driver. Fisher stood trial and was convicted and sentenced to two years in a South Korean civilian prison. Bob Fisher says commanders at Camp Casey where his son was stationed will not return his calls to talk about the case.

Fisher’s biggest question is this: Why did they turn his son over to South Korean civilian authorities rather than handling it on the base.

Fisher said, “There was no evidence just blurry video that showed a man wearing a hoodie… no face was seen. My son told me the commander saw the video and told him quote,–you’re guilty– and handed him over to the South Koreans.”

Sandy Fisher told Eyewitness News,”I pray to God everyday he will give me strength to move forward. I know my son he did not steal 88 dollars, he is not a thief.”

Andre Fisher told his parents there were four guys standing by the cab that night in February but they were never questioned.The incident occurred near Camp Casey which is located about 40 miles north of Seoul.

What the FAWK? Obama — please do something to help this brother out! This is ridiculous.

Free Andre Fisher!

When it comes to race relations, Koreans and Black folks don’t have such a great history. We don’t doubt that Andre might be getting a raw deal. It doesn’t sound like they have proof he did it, but even if they did two years in a Korean jail is just ridiculous! Why hasn’t the military intervened?

We could definitely see how some shady stuff is probably going on with the so-called justice system over there in this case.




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