What’s Beef?? Mrs. Wallace Shuts Down Lil Kim’s Verse Over Biggie Sample On Monica’s New Single

- By Bossip Staff

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  • m

    If They don’t want her on the song put it out without her. There was no need to go on a twitter rant and what is there to fight you already got a no. Just leave it without her or redo the song with another beat. Does Monica not feel confident in the song without lil Kim or does she want to prove her loyalty? She is probably fighting for nothing, They said no move on…I’m sure lil Kim probably burnt that bridge so let her fix it.

  • Mzmystic

    Ms. Wallace is petty as he!! to me. Kim has looked out for his estate prob more than anybody else. On every album and song she gets paid for, she puts biggie down as executive producer so his estate can recieve royalties from them. I’m not saying that ms. Wallace owes Kim anything. I just think she’s being petty and trying to show ‘what she had the power to do’. She’s too grown for that.

  • King Beef

    True beef would have been if Ms.Wallace took Kim off, then replaced her with……. You aleady know who.

  • #Truth

    @King Beef you a fool for that one… But that would be real beef LOL !!!

  • charinamonet


  • AriesGirl504

    @Charinamomet…I agree, wth was Greg talking about?? Anyway, I feel Monica needs to move on. That song is not the beginning or end to her career, so to make a big deal out of it is a bit much. The song probably wasn’t even all that…T*ts Rozay is getting played out anyway…

  • greg

    So sad ……track is produced an been aired but hey (kim) keep it movin…an slay on

  • King Beef

    Cosigning charinamonet. @greg wtf!

  • greg

    All they doing is giving the queen bee something to talk about I smell a hit pretty soon

  • King Beef

    Right, now I understand.

  • prissa

    I think Mrs Wallace is being petty too. Its a known fact Kim & Biggie had a relationship back then so why try 2 block Kim from making money now – because the track she raps on samples 1 of Biggies songs??!! They are both grown a$$ women – Mrs Wallace needs 2 act like one. SMH

  • Sheeb

    I dont know why, they r treating lil kim,like this big n kim r tighter than most people think. They rode together regardless if it was a man or woman you hear their music .best male n female collaboration. Remember karma is a mutha like god said vengeance is mine. Leave kim alone big would have rode for her. regardless of what his mother said

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