He’s Back! Bow Tie Breezy Makes An Appearance On The Today Show

- By Bossip Staff

Breezy expressed his love for the bowtie at the Today Show where he performed for their Summer Concert Series.

His facial expressions are pure comedy!


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  • miss kay

    Ok… his performance was kinda wack. the dancing was just ok and he sang over/under the track!

  • Queencoca

    Sinbad is that you? Smh he needs help…..#breezyisbusted

  • Smh

    This guy is a mess and his performances have been very lackluster lately. We need new dance routines.

  • http://lovelyRose really

    What is up with the whole skin thing…light skin n dark beefing…y’all african american are sick with this skin thing shit…y’all are degrading the black culture by going on a site n write comments like the one above and the previous comments I’ve read on this site…

  • http://sillyblackmenwowgrowthehellup shun

    silly black men wow grow the hell up what happen when a white man diss your skin color

  • ivy_besties

    Brizzy best dancer Alive

  • Mamabrasil

    Love Chris Brown! I feel like in away he’s maturing and its good to see him smile again! Hes a great performer!

  • SweetMahogony

    Love Him or Hate Him Chris Brown is a talented young man I’m happy for him and everyone deserves second chances…

  • Miranda

    Really people in 2011 we are still debating lightskin vs darkskin?!?! Wow losers who gives a diggity damn how lightskin or darkskin or in between skin you are?? At the end of the day no one skin tone is better than the other and f.y.I in the eyes of most non blacks in this society if you have any black features your black!! No matter how “lightskin” you are. But when did an article on tired Chris Brown turn into a race debate? Its his performance were supposed to rate and I personally think Chris needs to take a break and re-group. This new image and sound seems more like a meltdown less like a reinvention.

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