Halle is Bouncing From U.S.

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Looks like Halle is following her little K-Fraud to Canada, rumor has it she just bought him a home there:

Halle Berry just closed on a $1.6 million lake-side property in Quebec, Canada near the hometown of her model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry. The couple and their 7-month-old daughter, Nahla Ariela, will reportedly reside in the town of Saint-Hippolyte in the Laurentians region, 40 miles north of Montreal. The house sits on 62 acres of land and overlooks a private lake, the magazine reported.The area that surrounds the property has been described as one of the most beautiful in the Laurentians, with more than 62 lakes, as well as mountains and cross-country ski trails.

Well, it was only a matter of time.


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  • Hannibal

  • Aunt Viv

    It’s cold up there, but Montreal is really pretty. Good for them.

  • Hannibal


  • Anonymous

    Why Keep Calling this Gentleman K-Fraud? He’s an accomplished model. At least she didn’t get with a NANNY or lousy barmaid like the brothas do!

  • Sawyer

    she’s just preparing for the chance that Obama isnt elected President. Please believe a lot of people will be fleeing the ole U-S-of-A if McBush makes it to office.

  • WordtotheWise

    Bye, Halle.

  • BE

    @Hannibal- Hey McHanni, you stay being first!!

    Well when you are rich you can buy multiple houses..does it say she bought him a house? maybe she bought the house for herself and they are living together and maybe he put in half. This is a new day women are doing the damn thing!!! Go Halle!

  • what the h*ll!!

    Halle will do anything for the WHITE MAN! She never made a sacrifice like that for the black guys she was ACTUALLY MARRIED TO!!! Sorry but it’s the truth!!! She’s full of ish! Can’t stand her right about now!!!

  • Hot Sauce

    who cares. This hi yella hoodho wont be missed.

  • Royal Chocolate

    Halle, we haven’t seen any work from you lately except for that new perfume(parfum) you’re trying to push. Please don’t come back home broke behind this white boy.

  • Z

    She also just brought a condo on Madison Avenue. I;m not mad at her.

  • Kompton's Kutie {{Suivez la Faveur}}


    U ain’t never lied, cuz I’m one of them. I’m already planning. I will finish this semester out and then I will be out, if he gets it.

  • Caroline du Nord

    smh at most of you bloggers. I LIVE IN CANADA and yall r dead wrong on 7/8th of the shyt u say. HEY ROOSEVELT TAYLOR U DUMBASS: QUEBEC IS THE ONLY FRENCH-SPEAKING PROVINCE OF THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY, THE REST OF THE COUNTRY IS ENGLISH U DUMB F*CK, HOW THE HELL U EXPECT ALL BLACKS IN CANADA TO SPEAK FRENCH WHEN ONLY 1 PROVINCE IS FRENCH N THE REST IS ENGLISH? EXPLAIN DAT SHYT TO ME U IGNORANT F*CK. and to the ladies (and men?) who mentionned 1-yr maternity leave and free health care: yeah dats tru. hooray for canada on this one. men get 6 months if im correct… why america dont have free health care? oh yeah, cuz ur insurance is a business, right? (im not tryna throw darts at yall, im seriously askin the question)

  • Caroline du Nord

    ooh and i forgot: ROOSEVELT TAYLASS: NOT ALL BLACKS HAVE JUNGLE FEVER U R SUCH AN IGNORANT ASS PERSON LORD HAVE MERCY I FEEL BAD FOR YO MAMA AND UR DADDY. talkin bout all blacks have jungle fever but most nflers and nba ballers n dem have white women, white wives, white mistresses, white girlfriends, etc. *SUCKIN MY TEETH REAAAAAAAAL DAMN HARD AT UR STUPID ASS, STUPID*

  • blaq

    Halle is a game breaker!! When will she learn you can’t buy love, this dude is gonna take her on the same ride Eric Benet did. Stop taking care of men, it’s not our job. Don’t believe me? ask JLo, Starr Jones, Terry McMillan, Goldie Hawn, Vivica Fox, Janet Jackson, and Brittany Spears to name a few.

  • http://thatgirliscrazee.blogspot.com/2008/10/who-you-should-know-wednesday-cah.html dj lissamonet

    her an nahla better learn to speak french…them francophones dont take well to blacks and english speaking people….so ive heard.

  • very unfair

    ok, for those of you saying that she sold out and is doing everything for her white boy toy, let it be known that she was with numerous black men before him but none of them knew how to treat her or it just didn’t work out. That is a very unfair statement and she is entitled to do whatever she wants for this man because it seems like he’s been around for a long time and obviously keeps her happy….good grief when will we move past racial dividing…

    p.s. I am a black woman who is happy with my black man.

  • Zoe

    Let me see:




    Jennifer H…..don’t matter he’s GAY Jen

    Monique……..Him too Monique

    STUPID desparate B!tches……

  • very unfair

    @ roosevelt taylor, no comment. (you are referencing men she’s been in movies with or on award shows with….wooooow!).

    @ blaq, ironically I am a leo who is very happy and engaged to a strong black man who allows me to be who I am but also holds his own. She may be what you refer to as a female dog (or she may not be, none of us know her like that), but my only point is that she has dated her share of black men and it just didn’t work out. So now she is happy and I feel like people should not really care who she’s with.

    p.s. she is half white.


  • DA TRUFF!!! The Truth Will Set You Free!!!

    BYE HALLE……………….

  • ll

    Ok this guy rich I don’t get the K-fraud thing. He is the highest paid male model in the world.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Bye Sell-out….

  • cream of tartar sauce

    bye overrated actress…

  • http://www.j.com noelle

    The way that property is described, is the way thsi book I read described this mansion on Lake Victoria in Quebec I think…”breathtaking”

  • ro

    why is she doing all the buying????? He never looks at her ,its like he cant stand her. But she can get him somewhere!!!! Bumb halle she should have worked it out with Eric. she could have saved some money. and had kids too.

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