The Hood Life: “Precious” Director Lee Daniels’ Ride-Or-Die Sister Now Faces Drug Charges Of Her Own

- By Bossip Staff

At 45, you really shouldn’t be about that life anymore, man…

Especially when someone was kind enough to try to share their come up with you. But apparently, for Leah Daniels-Butler, being a ride-or-die wife to her drug-dealing husband wasn’t keeping it gangsta enough.

The sister of “Precious” director Lee Daniels pleaded guilty yesterday to possession of the love drug Ecstasy.

Leah Daniels-Butler, 45, a casting associate for the Academy Award-nominated film, was arrested last September on more serious charges of trying to sneak her husband’s guns and illicit cash out of their California home.

Daniels-Butler faces up to six months in prison on the drug pinch, a misdemeanor.

SMH. How is it that having “I put Gabourey Sidibe on” on her resume doesn’t leave this broad with better life options???


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  • gina

    Time to relect in a very unattractive housing facility.

  • gina

    You talking to your mama….right!

  • http://google SMH

    There’s no age limit in the game and this recession (as planned yrs ago) is going to have a whole lot of folks doing strange thangs for change. Teachers are moonlighting as strippers, folks selling loosies on the streets, cops having cars stolen for chop shops etc. The only bad news here is that she got busted.

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