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Looks like we are seeing a kinder and gentler Curtis Jackson these days… The rapper has been putting on a full scale campaign to gain support for his new pledge to feed a billion people in Africa over the next five years.

The rapper vowed he would not read or retweet any tweets not ending in #SK — the hashtag he created for his Street King album, in support of his vow to feed the hungry in Africa. His timeline this weekend was dominated by #SK tweets in support of that vow.

But his good deed-ery didn’t begin and end with Africa. The rapper also spoke out against Fox News’ attacks on NBC for allowing Chris Brown to perform on the “Today” show Friday:

The full Tweet read:

“I just saw a clip on FOX news hating on NBC for having chris brown on unbelievable…never watching that again. He paid for his mistake #!@%*# holes.”

Gotta give it up to 50 for his efforts in Africa — and we applaud anybody smart enough to turn off Fox News — but doesn’t it seem a little strange that 50’s all up in arms over Breezy?

Could it be a new bromance is brewing???


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