Pay Up or Else…

- By Bossip Staff

According to a video on Superhead’s website, Benzino owes her $1000 for some “work” she did back in the day. And she said if that cornrowed b@stard doesn’t pay up, she’s going to introduce ‘Lil Benzi to the world, via some naked pictures she has in her possession.

Well, well, well, Superhead; we see you’ve decided to keep some of that great “knowledge” you’ve been giving away for yourself, because you sure have him by the b@lls. If we hadn’t already seen you do something even more amazing, we just might have been impressed.


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  • Anton Slizzardhands


  • Afiya - GO PHILLIES!! We going to the WORLD SERIES...YEA BOI!!! :)

    He better pay her or she’ll give him something worth more than 1K. 😉

  • Tinia

    Has she already spent the $7 million from her book deals?

  • Lady Shady

    that’s what I’m talking about Supahead…LOL they play with fire, their asses will get burned…We all knew she was smart, just has questionable morals.

  • Amber

    This woman is trash. And it’s quite pathetic what she does to keep herself relevant.

  • MRS

    U can’t expect some “superhead” and not pay. Damn, $1000 for some head…I’m in the wrong business

  • Tina

    LOL@Mock Rock

  • HoneyBrown

    $1,000 is pretty steep for a blow job isn’t it??? I guess that’s why they call her SuperHEAD…..

    @Amber: agreed!

    @MRS: LOL!!!

  • HoneyBrown

    Oh, I forgot: how is this a threat to him? Who cares about naked pics of him anyway????

  • kevwebb "Got a Bop like this, Can't wear skinny jeans 'cause my knots don't fit"

    @ Amber

    I second what you said. Pure trash. It’s amazing what people will do for money. Sell you soul. Every cause has it’s effect, and one day she’ll feel all this negative energy she’s throwing out.

  • Lacombe Redbone (...I' am McLovin'!!)

    Wow…any lower and i would’ve been drooling over here! 😉

  • kevwebb "Got a Bop like this, Can't wear skinny jeans 'cause my knots don't fit"

    I wonder if I should start charging women for my “Superhead.” Just curious…ladies what ya’ll think I’d get?

  • blaq

    Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, extortion is #2. Our girl supahead is just a history buff. lol

  • blaq

    @ Kevwebb

    I dunno I don’t pay men, but ask Halle, Brittany, and Starr, they pay pretty well

  • kevwebb "Got a Bop like this, Can't wear skinny jeans 'cause my knots don't fit"

    @ Blaq

    $h#t…I’d give Halle a lil’ somethin’ for free. She’d probably pay afterwards…give a brother a $500 tip! I got a vicious head game…

  • lala

    Lmao..”that cornrowed bastard”

    ….i wonder what he had 2 pay 4…Benzi should just let his naked pick all ova tha ineternet 4get bout tha 1,000 hes mad broke already lol

  • FallinPoet(will there ever be another?)

    @ Kevwebb… please stop, im in need of some head lol…. so ur makin me have dirty thoughts…

  • kevwebb "Got a Bop like this, Can't wear skinny jeans 'cause my knots don't fit"

    @ Fallin Poet

    Damn…I much scratch you got??

  • FallinPoet(will there ever be another?)

    @ kevwebb…

    Damn…I much scratch you got??


    im confused lol…

  • FallinPoet(will there ever be another?)

    “how” much scratch? thought u were gonna do it for free…

  • lisalisa

    I don’t now why these men keep getting involved with her. I guess they;ll learn when they catch HIV.


    for a measly $1000 .. thats play money. seriously. times must be really hard for her.

  • Hannibal


  • DA TRUFF!!! The Truth Will Set You Free!!!



    SMH LOL!!!!!!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    This is one Low Down and Dirty broad…

    She does damn near EVERYBODY she has relations with wrong…

    I feel sorry for her child, to be raised by a woman like that…

    When he gets older and people find out who his mother is 😦

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