Poor Little J.Lo: Marc Anthony Flirts With Fans During First Post Split Show, Rumored Sidepiece Denies Chop Down Action

- By Bossip Staff

Dayum! J.Lo is definitely not winning in the personal column this week.

Not even a full two days after she and Marc Anthony announced their divorce, that little shrimp of a man was already out in public being disrespectful.

Making his first post-split appearance at a weekend concert in Coluombia, the salsa king made light of his personal life by teasing thousands of female admirers about his newly minted single status.

So what’d he get off his chest that had fans in such a tizzy?

“They say I’m a single man,” quipped Anthony, 42, before launching into one of his trademark romantic salsa hits.

According to media reports, the audience at the Símon Bolívar Metropolitan Park in Bogotá greeted the Latin heartthrob’s comment with cheers. This, after Anthony—decked out in a black sportjacket and loose-fitting black button down open at the neck—kicked off his set with “Aguanile,” the song he and J.Lo sang on the American Idol finale last May.

The “I Need to Know” singer however didn’t look too broken up. Anthony blew kisses at the crowd in return.

Wow! Makes you wonder what brought these two to the point of no return, doesn’t it? We can officially rule out one theory though.

According to TMZ, the Cuban actor/model accused of cozying up to J.Lo and showing her just how much better she could do in the looks department says he has nothing to do with Jennifer’s latest love fail.

The guy at the center of the affair rumors is telenovela star William Levy — aka the Cuban Brad Pitt — who recently separated from his wife AFTER shooting the music video (see below) with Lopez.

But Levy’s rep tells TMZ William and J.Lo are NOT an item … saying, “The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been.”

Whatever it was can’t be too bad though…

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  • gina


    But Gurl…”THEY” say should she was playing that you bruise me I bruise you stupid game and the rumor is he knocked her out COLD! LADIES IF HE IS PROVOKING YOU TO HIT HIM IT IS ONLY SO HE WILL JUSTIFIED “WHEN HE KNOCKS YOU OUT”!

  • gina

    This winter she was trying to cover up the abuse saying her Latin temper mess provked her to hit him he hit back harder. They reported she went down “out” when he struck her then she claimed it was a slip and a misunderstanding. They asked her about it on a talk show and she covered with some bs about her and her husband being from the streets and would fight somebody. The host gave her the side-eye…the we know you lying look…lol. The tabloids are going to dog em 😦

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Lmao gina.

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