Question Of The Day: How Do You Monitor Your Children’s Social Networking Activities?

- By Bossip Staff

Nosy a$$ mickiefickies…lol

Ever wondered why your Mom joined Facebook? Chances are, it was to spy on you. According to a new survey by OnePoll, a whopping 55-percent of parents are using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep an eye on their children’s online activities; a further 5-percent said they would if they knew how.

Eleven percent of parents polled set up their Facebook accounts purely to “snoop” on Jim and Jane, 15-percent have tried to Friend their children (Thanks Mom), with 4-percent of those requests being rejected. Not surprisingly, 13-percent have resorted to logging onto friends accounts in order to check up on their children.

When asked to explain their behavior, 36-percent blamed their “overprotective” parental instincts, where as 14-percent said they were just being “nosey”. A sad 24-percent confessed that Facebook was the only way they could find out what their sons and daughters were up to, while 6-percent found that the social networking site allowed them to avoid having “awkward conversations” with their offspring.

In 2006, Facebook first opened the door to anyone over the age of 13, including parents. The influx of parental units on the social networking site has not gone down smoothly with school age kids. As of today, there are 7,766 members of the “For the love of god–don’t let parents join Facebook” group, and there are hundreds of other pages dedicated to grumbling about the subject., is a website set up purely to collect embarrassing parent/child Facebook moments and share them with the world. It’s worth checking out before accepting your Mom’s friend request.

All jokes aside, some people may argue that children deserve their privacy like anyone else, which is partly true. However, with so many crazy folks in the world, especially on the internet, kids online behaviors should be monitored to ensure that they are safe and not subjecting themselves to unknown dangers.

For those with parents, how do you monitor your childrens social network use??


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  • Steelcitychick

    How do you monitor your childs internet use?…take the damg thing away! In my day everyone had tv and cable….my parents refused to have a tv in the house! my parents didn’t buy a tv until I was outta high school and outta their home! My only form of intertainment was going out with friends or reading a book!…And I thank them for that, cause now I’m a fit, healthy adult with no problems going out and socializing!

  • Voice_of_reason

    There are so many threats online and crazies…not to mention ACCESS to anything nowdays that parents need to be up in the bizness. parents need to think long and short term when taking actions in protecting their child. parents must develop a trusting relationship with their child in general. u have to let your kids know through action and word that they can tell you anything and you will react rationally. you have to know your childs weaknesses ( no dad, low self, self conscious,follower,ect.) and build them up as much as possible…all this needs to happpen btw you and your child. b/c lets face it monitoring internet usage at home wont stop them from going to the libraey or a friends to do whatever…so really the best thing a parent can do is have a good relationship where you show and give them by example and strategy ways to effectivley handle this thing we call life…YAH BLESS

  • CougarOnTheRun

    Yes, I monitor my children’s social networking and they are aware of my monitoring on facebook and twitter. This may cut down on some of the messaging and rif-raf, but not all. There’s more than one way to skin a cat..

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