Pay It Forward: Compton High School Senior Allan Guei Gives Away $40,000 To His Classmates For Their College Tuitions

- By Bossip Staff

Comin’ straight outta Compton a generous muthaf$#!a named Allan…

This is a story of a teenager who did something so generous — so big-hearted — that it’s making plenty of adults swoon.

Allan Guei, 18, was a star basketball player at Compton High School in the Los Angeles area before he graduated last month. He also had a GPA above 3.0, and his good grades made him eligible for an unusual competition: A free-throw contest in the Compton High gymnasium. The top prize: $40,000 in scholarship money.

Guei, whose parents immigrated to the United States from the Ivory Coast, knew how much that financial aid could mean for his family. So he was feeling a fair share of pressure as students and teachers crushed into the gym to watch Guei and seven other randomly selected, academically successful students make foul shots.

Guei won the free-throw contest by one basket and netted the $40,000. But it’s what he did next that’s truly astonishing.

How many kids 18 year-olds do you know that would give away 40 racks??

In the weeks following the March free-throw competition, Guei learned that he’d scored a full-ride basketball scholarship to California State University-Northridge. NCAA rules allowed Guei to accept the athletic scholarship and also keep most of the $40,000 he had won.

But Guei couldn’t stop thinking about the seven talented runners-up from the free-throw contest. They, too, had dreams — and very real needs. So, he asked Principal Jesse Jones to make a surprise announcement at Compton High’s graduation ceremony: Guei wanted to donate the $40,000 to the other seven students.

“I’ve already been blessed so much and I know we’re living with a bad economy, so I know this money can really help my classmates,” Guei said in a statement. “It was the right decision.”

Guei elaborated on his decision to give the money away in an interview with ESPN: “I was already well taken care of to go to school, to go to university for free. … I felt like they needed it more than I did.”

If that ain’t trill then what is??


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  • Compton Chick

    Now that’s really hood…

  • ketkohl

    There’s a special place in heaven for him – God Bless You, Allan 🙂

  • Asia

    Wow. This is a touching story. Nothing but good is gonna come to that boy! 🙂

  • Steelcitychick

    Now this is an awsome post! What a wonderful young man! I hope good things come his way in life!

  • Journalist


  • Jennifer Mitchell

    May God bless u.

  • lilmamasoup

    I am really touched by this story…for I too am a Compton kid and sometimes my hometown gets a bad rep but as you can see there are actually good people in the world…God bless this young man…he took the time out to share his blessing!

  • Voice_of_reason

    Its amazing how a man so young growing up in this greedy western society realizes that he has been blessed to havbe what he needs and to share the overflow.this really touched me b/c celebritys and regular people alike are usually about self and greed… not thinking about helping others….go allen Yah bless!

  • Christielove1468

    Allan is an inspiration for the youth of today,he will be blessed for his wonderful deed. Mr and Mrs Guei,you did an excellent job raising a good son.

  • kam

    So proud of him for giving back! comptons in the house! thats my school! C-High!

  • libra912

    That just did my heart all kinds of good! May God bless this young man in all he does.

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