Exclusive: Killer Mike Explains The Video BET Doesn’t Want Our Youth To See [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

If you haven’t heard Killer Mike’s song “Burn,” it is exactly the kind of protest song everybody always says today’s young Hip-Hop fans need to hear more often.

Not some general, rebel without a cause, rage against the machine type of joint. But a song that addresses what many people have been feeling in America over the last 3-4 years. Without inciting a riot or causing a conflict, the song asks that young people think about the situations that they’re in and ask the right people the right questions to improve those situations.

The video for the song, which includes clips of friends and family protesting Oscar Grant’s death, as well as cameon appearances by several artists including Diddy, is just as poignant. And purposely so.

“I wrote this song and presented this visual to validate the anger of the working and middle class in my country today,” Mike told BOSSIP. “It is my sincere hope that Americans, no matter their race, creed or color, will see this video as I intended: as a scream of truth too powerful institutions, corporate and government, that we are suffering and deserve better.”

But for some reason, BET has made the decision to ban the song’s video… even though it’s premium cable sister station MTV Jams has had “Burn” in rotation for almost a week now.

Check out the clip below:

We don’t find this to be anymore volatile or political than Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” or Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power.” Do you?



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