Don’t Call Em’ Damaged Goods, The MAN Version: Some Male Divorcees That Are Still Making It Rain

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Last week, we pointed out some notable female divorcees that were still fly. But we totally left out the divorced men that were still doing their thing. You know we wouldn’t leave you hanging, right?

Brad Pitt – He’s one of the most desired white men in America. And once he dropped Jenn, his stock only rose. So did the number of rascals he had.

Michael Jordan – Yeah, Juanita took half of his bread, but MJ is still making mega-dough, even if his choice in women and jeans is a bit “off.” MJ could still probably get it just for the amount of money he makes each day.

Eminem – Em had a rocky road after he divorced Kim. But now that he’s cleaned up his act, he seems like prime man meat for the ladies.

Sugar Shane – He got divorced and now his lady is one of the sexiest women we could imagine at ringside. As long as he stops fighting one of these days, he’ll have half a brain left.

Marc Anthony – He just got dropped by J. Lo and he’s already on the prowl for some new Mexitale. Line up, ladies!

Usher – Once he slayed the wild beast and left her, he was back to bachelor status. He hasn’t even started looking back since then.

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    Will Smith – Oh, you forgot he was once divorced? Yup. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, he’s done pretty well for himself. He does movies every once in a while and stuff like that.

    Tiger Woods – Things have been shaky for Tiger since he lost Elin and half of his money, but he’s still raking in some serious paper. He may not be pumping his fist anymore, but at least he’s not pumping hostesses.

    Prince – Prince’s freaky a$$ could get with most any woman in the world. Being divorced is somewhere below “high heels” as a red flag to scare away ladies.

    The Rock – He got married early in the game and has been a single man for a long time now. But ladies, could you handle a man that wears a speedo and gets sweaty with other guys?

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