What Is Wrong With This Picture??

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Lil Miss Sunshine Rihanna live in concert drinking beer, doing shots, giving the middle finger and more…

SMH..Check out more photos of Rih-Rih live as well as some shots of her spotted on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.


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  • woow just wow

    But look how her stans gone come along and defend this mess! Smfh u know the music bizz aint sh*t and u look to this as a *perfomance”. Say what u wanna about bey but this right u’ll never see her do!

  • http://muzillr.com/news-features/what-is-wrong-with-this-picture/ What Is Wrong With This Picture??


  • Ariel

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING she’s having fun

  • Well

    I thought this article was about Rihanna. Why does every artist have to compare to Beyonce? There were people real artists that came before both of them. Two different women with two different styles. If Rihanna wants to do that, oh well. You can’t put everyone into the same box, they just won’t fit. I actually like Rihanna. She comes off more genuine than most artists who pretends to be perfect and innocent.


    @ Well, I agree with u. Like that comment.

  • remmy

    Not gonna put her down…but she does realize there sre little girls @ her concert right…and weather she wants to be a role moel or not she is…I would hate to be a clueless parent taking my child to this concert to have this happen…

  • Westside cutie!!!!!

    @SMh…… Just to let u know Bey do need to sit all the way down right along with Rihanna! IMHO BeYAWNCe is not wholesome at all, she also have to resort to wearing leotards and doin’ sumthin’ strange for a piece of change! All that booty shakin’ and gyrating on stage have y’all hypnotized into buying her sh***y music! So to me Bey and Rihanna are both desperate puppets!

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